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10 Best Baby-Led Weaning Foods

Recently, more parents are taking the liberty to introduce baby-led weaning technique to their children. This is an approach to weaning which starts right away at six months and encourages baby to take solid food or finger food themselves rather than offering them purees through the spoon.

Baby-led weaning approach is easier for mothers especially because they don’t have to spend extra hours blending purees. It develops healthy eating habits among children and children develop their taste buds for different food groups. It also helps the baby sharpen fine motor skills.

It is important to manage the process efficiently which involves choosing a secure and comfortable place for baby to sit, commitment to the process and choosing the food that deems fit for baby-led weaning.

You may choose from the below mentioned nutrient-dense food to start off with.

1. Salmon
It is a great source of vitamins, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. You can bake it and churn it into pieces for the baby to eat himself.

2. Avocado
Avocados should be deseeded, peeled and cut into parts before the baby can have it. They are full of healthy fats and nutritional fibre.

3. Cooked spinach
You may cook spinach in butter and season it however your baby likes. It is known for its benefit to the eyes and heart.

4. Banana
This is a child’s favourite food. You can ideally cut it into two or make small pieces for your baby to use his fingers to eat.

5. Sweet potatoes
Peel the sweet potatoes and boil them. You may cut them into squares and also season them if your baby likes.

6. Cooked apples
Cut the cooked apples into small parts for the baby to nibble on without choking. They are an excellent source of iron for your little one.

7. Meat or poultry
Cook meat/poultry and break into small pieces. Make sure you season it according to the taste buds of your baby.

8. Egg yolk
Egg yolk can be prepared by pan frying or boiling. Offer to the baby however he likes, either as a liquid with a spoon or fork smashed.

9. Ripe peaches
Peaches are soft and easy to swallow food and can be given to the baby peeled and cut.

10. Soft carrots
Cook the carrots to make them soft and offer long pieces to your baby and let them chew it under your supervision.

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