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10 Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Baby

Becoming a first time parent is difficult as they don’t know how to deal with the newborn baby and which food is best for them. Toddlers have a subtle digestive system that’s why it is essential to give safe foods to your baby in his/her growing age. Let’s have a look at the top 10 foods to avoid feeding your baby.

1. Egg white
No doubt, egg white has a good source of protein, minerals, and vitamins that provide several health benefits. But for a baby under 6-12 months, egg white is dangerous as it may trigger their digestive system which can lead to diarrhea.

2. Canned food
Another food to avoid feeding your baby is canned food. Babies are very sensitive, so try to avoid giving any canned food to your baby.

3. Fruit juices
Canned juice is another food to avoid for babies under one-year of age. These juices are packed with different preservatives that may affect your infant’s digestive system. Try to give fresh juices to your little ones for healthy nourishment.

4. Fish
Fish is significant for the development of hair, heart, and skin but not effective for babies under 2 years old. Fish may trigger allergies which directly affect your toddler’s health. Avoid feeding crab scallops and shellfish to your babies.

5. Chocolate
It is another unsafe food for infants as most of it contains caffeine. Also, chocolate has a high amount of sugar that which can lead to different tummy troubles. Mothers can give chocolate to their babies at the age of one year old and up.

6. Honey
Honey is another famous natural sweetener and kids love it. But for a baby less than 1 year of age, it is dangerous and unsafe as it contains spores and contaminants that can cause different infections.

7. Nuts
Nuts are enriched with L-arginine, Vitamin E, and fiber. However, the nut size can cause esophageal or tracheal block which is dangerous for them. So, avoid feeding whole nuts to your baby under 2-3 years.

8. Cow or whole milk
Mother’s milk is the best among all other kinds of milk to give to your baby at the initial stage. The minerals and proteins available in cow’s milk are not good for infants under 12-13 months. It is another important food to avoid feeding your little ones.

9. Wheat
Wheat is another probable source of allergen for a baby and it is advisable to refrain feeding it to your infants. Mothers should avoid giving wheat and all other foods which are made of wheat. This food has gluten that may disturb your infant’s tummy.

10. Cured or smoked meats
Avoid feeding cured or smoked meats to your baby (like bacon and bologna) as they have chemicals like nitrates, and are also rich in animal fat and sodium. Moreover, you should also avoid feeding smoked fish.

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