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5 Ways to Deal with Ferocious 4

As a parent, you will probably be shocked that your four-year-old suddenly starts throwing tantrums again. I mean, you had already dealt with the Terrible Twos phase and suddenly, your child starts deviant behaviors whenever things do not go his way. Well, that’s because they are going through another phase of naughtiness, tantrums, and disobedience. You should be consoled that your child is normal and going through the obvious stages of development.

However, you will need to adopt the right techniques to help your child through this phase.

  1. Prevent tantrums from occurring

At four, most children can understand perfectly. You should therefore devise a way of preventing tantrums by warning your child in advance. For example, if you are planning to take your child shopping, make it clear to him that you are only going to buy groceries or toys and he shouldn’t expect to get anything else that isn’t on the shopping list. This will go a long way to prepare your child’s man such that he will not get disappointed when you fail to buy him ice cream or candies.


  1.     Don’t give in to unreasonable demands

Make rules for your child and stand your ground. Remember that good habits are cultivated over time, so once you set rules that are good for your child’s optimal health, be ready to stand by them no matter how much he tries to resist. For example, brushing his teeth before bedtime should be a routine that is strictly followed even if he hates it. He will get used to it with time.


  1.     Reward your child for being well behaved

Another trick to help your child through the ferocious 4 phase is to reward them whenever they are well behaved. For example, give your child a treat whenever he doesn’t make a mess of his room. The truth is that at four, most children already know the difference between right and wrong, so rewarding them whenever they act well will motivate them to do better next time.


  1.     Make clear-cut consequences for poor behaviors

Sometimes, you have to make your children learn the hard way. There should be aware  consequences whenever they behave poorly. For example, it’s ok to give them time out whenever they start throwing tantrums. Also, you can make it clear to your four-year-old that you won’t be taking him shopping until he learns to be calm at the shopping mall instead of being everywhere and wanting everything.


  1.     Exercise patience

Dealing with children is not easy, so you will also have to learn to stay calm and patient with your child. Do not overthink nor give meaning to every tantrum your child throws. Before you know it, this phase will be gone.

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