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5 Ways to Deal with Terrible Twos

Young children go through various developmental phases, one of which is the ‘Terrible Twos’. You may have had smooth moments with your baby ever since he was born until suddenly when he starts throwing tantrums at the slightest opportunity or provocation. Well calm down and remind yourself of your child’s age. If he is two years old, you can be sure he is in the ‘Terrible Twos’ phase which is characterized by deviant behaviours, lots of frustrations and tantrums.

The behaviours associated with terrible twos can start anytime between the ages of 18 and 30 months, a period when babies start walking, talking, developing opinions, learning about emotions and understanding how to share and take turns.

As a parent, you will have to adopt some tips to help your child through this phase and also to make things easier for you;

  1. Do not spank

Some parents have the tendency of reacting poorly to the rebellious behaviours of their toddlers in the terrible twos phase. As frustrating as this can be to you, try not to spank or hit them. Remember hitting your child is considered child abuse in most countries and that could land you in trouble. Moreover, when you hit or spank your child, it gives them the impression that you do not love them. Also, you may want to avoid yelling at them, by explaining things to them nicely even if they are not having it. All these will help your child adopt nonviolent behaviours.

  1. Keep rules simple

At this stage, children do not need complicated rules. You have to make simple rules and give them brief explanations. For example, tell your child bedtime is 7:30 because they need to have some rest. This is quite simple as opposed to telling them that they need to sleep for about 11 to 14 hours daily for their optimal growth. Inasmuch as you want to teach your children, you have to take it slowly.

  1. Let your child make some choices

It is granted that you are the parent who knows what’s best for your child. However, you may want them to take control sometimes so that they can feel really important. The best way to go about this is to give them opportunities to choose between two things. For example, ask your toddler to choose between the white and red toy car.

  1. Set limits and don’t give in

Sometimes, you have to set your limits and be consistent about them no matter how many tantrums your child displays. For example, don’t give in to buying your child soda at the grocery shop even if he starts throwing tantrums. Stay firm on your decision not to give him sodas and take out as much time as possible to calm him down instead of giving him what you know is not good for him.

  1. Keep the home safe

The Terrible Twos is also a phase of exploration, so it’s imperative to keep the house environment safe so your child doesn’t hurt himself. Also, you will have to protect your belonging well so your child doesn’t destroy them. For example, keep your books and other variables in places that are not within your child’s reach.

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