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5 Ways To Overcome Picky Eater

Parents always want the best for their kids, especially when it comes to their overall health and wellbeing. This therefore explains why most parents often get frustrated when their kids are picky with food. It is even more frustrating for parents to watch their kids ditch healthy foods in favor of sugars and fatty foods. The truth is that we are what we eat and cultivating healthy eating habits early is quite beneficial for our health and wellbeing. Nevertheless, most kids find unhealthy food more appealing and enticing. So here are a few tips to help your kids overcome picky eating habits.

1. Expose your kids to a wide variety of foods
One of the best ways to overcome picky eating in kids is by exposing them to a variety of foods. To tell the truth, exposing your kids to different food tastes and textures will go a long way to help them accept and tolerate different foods in the long run. Besides, they will also have the opportunity to see, learn and try a larger variety of foods. After all, the whole essence of overcoming picky eating is that the kids should be flexible enough to eat a variety of food items that are necessary for their growth.

2. Explain what’s on the table
Another trick to overcome picky eating in kids is to describe whatever is served on the table. For instance, you should describe the color, texture, size and even flavor of the food items. You can be rest assured that descriptions will work wonders for the kids who have difficulties trying new foods. However, when describing foods, you should avoid using common adjectives like ‘yummy’. For instance, instead of saying that these bananas taste yummy, you can say that ‘these sweet bananas are as bright as the sun’. Once your kids are fascinated by how well you describe their food, they will want to try it.

3. Create a happy atmosphere during meal times
When you make meal times joyful, your kids are more likely to eat whatever is served to them. Therefore, ensure that you take time to talk and connect with your children during meal times. By so doing, the picky eaters will be more calm, relaxed and eager to try whatever is on the table.

4. Let your kids be part of cooking
Involving your kids in cooking is another great way to help them overcome picky eating habits. The truth is that kids will be eager to try whatever they prepared, whether or not it’s yummy. Moreover, when kids actively participate in meal preparations, it eliminates the surprise element during meal time. For instance, if you allow your kids to mix the chopped strawberries with their yogurt, they will definitely understand why the yogurt doesn’t feel smooth in their mouth.

5. Take it easy with your child
It is also imperative to take it easy with your child on the journey to food acceptance. Bear in mind that we all can’t enjoy everything no matter how healthy they are. Besides, some people are not just tolerant with certain foods and that’s not their making. Therefore, you should be patient with your child, while offering varieties to him. More so, you can always give your child other healthy substitutes, so that they don’t miss out on important nutrients while on the journey to food acceptance.

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