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6 Things to Know About Your Cancer Baby

Cancer is known to be the most loyal of all zodiac signs. They have unique traits and here we will be talking about 6 things Cancer babies possess.

1. They are moody
Since Cancer babies are ruled by changing moon, they have mood swings similar to changes in tides. There could be moments when they shift from being calm and content to being crybabies. Experts also say that Cancer babies cry more than babies born under the other zodiac signs. But it is nothing to be worried about because they are just sensitive.

2. They love water activities
Cancer is a water sign and is symbolized by the crab which is a kind of creature that can live both on land and in the sea and it represents Cancer perfectly. Cancer babies love playing water sports and activities. Swimming lessons and bath time are something they could enjoy.

3. They are affectionate
Cancer babies are empathetic and affectionate. They feel things and are drawn towards kindness and sweetness. They are natural caregivers. Praise them, be sweet to them, and encourage them when they do something great. They are even loyal to their toys.

4. They love their mothers
The term “Mama’s boy/girl” fits Cancer babies well. Home is their safe haven. They build a special bond with their mother at their early age. This is another reason that they can be quiet and shy when dealing with other people, so being close to his or her mom is their only trust. The Cancer kids are not that sociable so they can have a hard time adjusting to new people and places.

5. They are stubborn
Unlike their sweet and caring nature, they could be stubborn at times. These kids are really intuitive and remember everything, so they do not forget bad experiences. They bottle up negative feelings and burst sometimes or feel sad.

6. They love food
Food is the ultimate love of Cancer babies. If they are upset, a good meal can cheer them up. When it comes to food, Cancer kids will be first to the table.

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