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6 Things to Know About Your Gemini Baby

Gemini kids are congenial. They are talkative from an early age and get a grasp on so many things. It would not be wrong to say that they are the social beings of all zodiac signs. Gemini babies possess unique traits and if you are expecting a baby between 21st May and June 20, you are going to have a kid with incredible characteristics. Here, we have put together 6 things about a Gemini baby that you must know.

1. They are super intelligent
Who would not want to have smart babies? Gemini babies are the brightest to the level of genius. Some even say that they are great with computers and technology. Giving them science kits, musical instruments, and complex gadgets would be a good idea to train their brains from an early age. Some of them enjoy reading, writing, and debate. They have the quality of multitasking as well.

2. They are full of energy
After a whole day, you might think that they would be tired, but they would still be ready to crawl out of bed and would be looking for their new adventure. They hate confined spaces, so keep an eye out when you leave him or her in the cot alone. If they wake up, expect them to be ready to play so be on alert.

3. They are talkative
Gemini babies love to talk. This is one of their strengths that they could engage you with hours of talking. They would be pleased to exchange lots of ideas.

4. They are social beings
Gemini babies love to hang out with other people. They have sense of humor and can have fun with anyone from their peer group. They could make themselves good leaders.

5. They are complex
Behind the attractive bubbly personality, Gemini babies tend to be complex as they grow up. They could have different personalities and could be unpredictable.

6. They are indecisive
There could be times when they could not make up their mind. Therefore, they would need someone to guide and direct them towards the right decision.

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