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Baby Weaning


8 Foods Encourage Bowel Movements

Taking care of your baby is one long process. There is a lot you have to watch out for. Poop is not any less!

As a parent, you will, at some point, being concerned about your baby’s poop. If they are pooping regularly, then that’s a good indication that everything is working in order and that you are feeding him or her well. However, the problem comes if you notice inconsistency or if your baby fails to poop. It can be stressful to parents. When that happens, the food you give your baby is mostly to blame since some cause constipation.

The following foods should help you come up with a diet that helps improve the bowel movements of your baby;
• Fiber-rich cereals
When you think of constipation, the first thing that comes to your mind is fiber. It is arguably the best solution for taking care of constipation over the years. Be sure to try fiber-rich cereals and improve your baby’s condition.

• Whole-wheat pasta
Not only does this help with constipation, but it’s also a solid food which will keep your baby full at the same time enhancing their bowel movements.

• Brown rice
Most parents don’t realize how significant brown rice is to their babies. It’s not only rich in nutrients but also contains fiber that should be enough to loosen the stool of your baby.

• Fruits
If you realize your young one is experiencing difficulties with their stool movement, try giving him peaches, pears, prunes, and plums. Those fruits always seem to do the trick and kids like them.

• Vegetables
When you realize your baby might be constipating, preventing their bowel movements, veggies like broccoli, cabbage and beans can be helpful. Feed your baby with these but do not overdo it.

• Fruit juices
Once your baby is about 2-4 months old, he can take some fruit juices. The best to start with is 100% prune or apple juice. It helps remarkably in dealing with constipation since, for young ones, the sugar in the fluid is hard to digest which makes it easier for more liquid to get to the intestines and helps soften the stool.

• Porridge
If your kid has trouble passing stool, you might want to avoid giving them hard foods and what a better option than to try oatmeal. It can be instrumental at softening the stool and makes the baby full at the same time.

• Water
The worst mistake you can make is the failure to give your baby some water. Keep them hydrated because sometimes the system just needs a good flushing to get back on track.

The food you feed your baby determines significantly how their bowel movements will be. It’s always advisable you give your baby variety of foods and ensure they have a balanced diet. However, if you notice constipation cases, try using the above foods more, but if the condition persists, you can consult with your doctor. Take care of your baby and watch him grow into a happy little one around the house!

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