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About Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is defined as a condition where you experience slight bleeding or spotting during 10-15 days period after conception occurs. It is considered normal and happens when the attachment of the fertilized egg within the uterus takes place. Implantation bleeding usually occurs during the time of your regular menstrual period cycle. However, keep in mind that implantation bleeding is less when compared to the amount of menstrual bleeding.

Why does implantation bleeding occur?
Implantation bleeding occurs when the egg has completed the fertilization phase i.e. one week after the ovulation phase. Once the baby implants itself with the uterine lining, it will stay there for the entire nine months journey.

Signs and symptoms of implantation bleeding
• Early bleeding before the menstrual cycle
• An unusual discharge which differs in color
• Very light spotting or streaks of spotting

These include the following:
• Mood swings
• Headaches
• Light cramps
• Breast tenderness
• Nausea
• Lower backaches

What is the appearance of implantation bleeding?
Implantation bleeding differs from menstrual bleeding. The color of such bleeding is light pink or rust-colored and there are no clots found within. Implantation bleeding only occurs for a few hours to few days rather than 6-8 days like a menstrual cycle and is less in amount so you might only notice it while wiping the genital area or over the panty liner. This bleeding is either intermittent or flows constantly at a lighter pace.

How long does implantation bleeding last?
Implantation bleeding lasts for a few hours to 2-3 days depending on an individual. For women who are conceiving their baby for the first time, they might notice a little bit more implantation bleeding than the women who have already been pregnant.

Implantation bleeding is considered as one of the initial signs of pregnancy. It is not dangerous so you don’t need any treatment. It clears up on its own within a day or two. However, if you experience heavy bleeding then it might indicate any pregnancy complication or menstruation.

Implantation bleeding remains unnoticed by most women while some women do not experience it at all. However, others might consider light bleeding as menses without realizing that they might be pregnant. In case you experience heavy bleeding other than menstruation visit your doctor immediately to avoid any complication during pregnancy.

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