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Be Confident With Your Maternity Fashion

Dressing up with a baby bump doesn’t have to be difficult for you to appear confident. These are some of the ways to style it up, feel fashionable, confidently fresh and spare your budget.

• Comfort is key
Forget about all those fashion rules because the first thing you must consider when dressing with a bump is feeling good. You want to wear what makes you feel like a goddess because you are one. If you love your look, go with it, all else is neither here nor there.

• Put on stretchy t-shirts
If you decide to buy clothing, go for pieces that can grow with you. Stock up a couple stretchy tank tops at Forever21. As they are tees, you could pair them with almost any other articles that you own. Just one t-shirt can create dozens of outfits.

• Get breathable and light fabric
Even with normal temperatures, getting overheated and sweaty seems to be the order. Thus, restrictive or sticky clothing are a big no. Try airy and light clothes that leave free room.

• Wear comfortable footwear
This is a time when your feet might swell a bit, so wearing heels won’t help one bit. If you are on your feet for long, you will get more tired and uncomfortable. To appear a little fancy, trying wearing some flats, wedges or low heels.

• Chic and comfy sweatpants
You will find yourself wearing sweatpants lots of the time because comfort comes first. They don’t have to be unkempt and disheveled though. There are millions of stylish cute sweatpants nowadays. To make your sweats look like a fashion statement, choose comfortable leggings or slim-fitting joggers. The most wonderful part is that even after the baby arrives, the fashionable sweats will still be hot.

• Have a few stretchy dresses
Snug, cotton dresses will be among the most flattering articles to put on while expectant. They are also very comfy. They hug your figure while showing you and the bump. Since it is so stretchy and breathable, you will be wading on miles and miles of comfort in there. It will be better than wearing leggings because you will look hundred times more pieced together.

Do you realize that you will still be able to wear the dress even after the baby arrives? It’ so amazing that you do not require to check these dresses in the maternity section!

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