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Your Toddler At 15 Months

Your toddler is 15 months old! He is now a superb sidekick. Also, you may also ask him for help carrying little things, picking out objects, and even throwing garbage away. It’s good for your baby’s self-esteem and teaches him to assist in the house. In this guide, find out what baby milestones you can expect your baby to achieve at 15 months old.

Your Toddler At 14 Months

If you’ve not heard your toddler say any simple word, get set… it is coming. At this age, your baby can wave bye-bye, do a one-step verbal command, and pile a few cubes.  Also, your toddler is developing and refining fine key motor, gross motor, social, and language skills.

Your Toddler At 13 Months

After your baby’s first birthday, it’s another lovely stage for him.  It’s a crucial period for your baby, and you must make certain that you are not restricting his growth. Allow him to explore the captivating world around him. In this guide, you’ll find out what developmental milestones your baby should achieve at 13 months.

Your Baby At 12 Months

Happy birthday to your little one! Don’t worry, he will always be your “baby,” but his 1st birthday is a development — a milestone that transforms him into a toddler and offers all the delights of toddlerhood. This guide shows the milestone of a 12-month-old baby with ideas on how you can support your child’s development.

Your Baby At 11 Months

How exciting it is that your baby’s first birthday is fast approaching! It’s normal if you feel many different emotions. Enjoy this moment because you’ve earned it. Here are the developmental milestones to expect in his last month of babyhood.

Your Baby At 10 Months

10 month-old babies will start making progress on new developmental milestones like feeding themselves, standing, and piling items. Your baby’s first birthday is nigh, and each day brings many unique and fun things to learn!

Your Baby At 9 Months

Your child might be standing up and walking while holding onto something. But they find it hard to sit down afterward. So don’t wear them shoes yet – it’s best for them to feel the ground with just their feet. Further, your baby will still have a “baby” look, with a pot belly, chubby legs, and arms at 9 months old.

Your Baby At 8 Months

At 8 months old, your baby will start getting around and into everything! Your little one will be curious at this age since they’re becoming more aware of their surroundings. In this guide, find out what baby milestones you can expect your baby to achieve at eight months old.

Your Baby At 7 Months

Your baby is seven months old! At this age, they’re becoming good at sitting up, holding objects and any toys he wants. Don’t be surprised if he starts crawling. It’s quite a busy month for your baby. This guide shows what to expect from your 7 months old baby.

Your Baby At 6 Months

Congratulations! You’re halfway through your child’s first year. No doubt, watching your baby grow to a happy 6-month-old is fulfilling. At six months, expect a lot of new developments, like babbling, solid feeding, and sitting up. This guide shows what to expect from your 6 months old baby.

Your Baby At 5 Months

Before, you’ve been giving your baby love and affection without any affection in return. But at five months, you may begin to get some love in return, and it’s worth the wait! You child may extend his arms for you to pick him up – that’s a special moment.

Your Baby At 4 Months

The first days of a child will be a blur of feeding, changing diapers, settling her to sleep and responding to her wails. In a matter of weeks, she will start to take notice of your voice, face, and touch. You will also begin to notice more things about her, like black and white patterns draw her attention.