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Your Baby At 3 Months

All babies develop at different rates. And it’s no different for 3 month-old babies. Don’t fret if your baby misses a development milestone – he might be some weeks ahead on some milestone and a bit behind on others. It will even out eventually.  But if you’re concerned that your baby has missed key milestones altogether, speak with your doctor. This guide shows what to expect from your three-month old baby.

Your Baby At 2 Months

At 2 months, your baby is developing fast and getting more alert. He or she will start responding to sounds and move their body. This guide explains the baby’s milestones to expect at two months old.

Your Baby At 1 Month

What can your baby hear at 1-month-old? Your baby has gone through a lot of developmental stages in your womb. At month 1, your baby’s hearing becomes sensitive and developed. They’ll start turning head towards a sound source. Monitor their response when you rattle, shake or clap your hands from afar – they may look or blink slightly.

Best Foods For Mom After Cesarean

The period after a cesarian surgery is straining both mentally and physically for a mother. You will need healthy food to bring back your health. Getting a rich diet will not only boost your health but also hasten your healing process. When it comes to food for post C-section mothers, others say they should take solid food while some say these mothers should not take solid food: So what foods should post C-section mothers take?

The Challenges Faced In 4th Trimester

For most mothers, postpartum period (few months after delivery) means a change of their lifestyle. Postpartum is also the period when your body is slowly healing from the physical changes that you went through in childbirth. It’s now 12 weeks since you delivered your baby.

Postpartum Care Checklist

Immediately after checking out from the hospital, your attention is always focused on taking care of your newborn baby, and that’s when most mothers forget they have to take care of themselves as well. Remember, for nine months, you were carrying and nurturing your baby, and your body needs to recover from it all.

6 Birth Control Methods After Birth

After childbirth, it is imperative to discuss family planning in a bid to prevent closely spaced pregnancies. Aside spacing your pregnancies, family planning will also help you to fully recover after childbirth before getting pregnant again.

When Is The First Period After Birth?

Most women always wonder when their first menstrual period is expected to come after delivery. Well, the truth is that there is no right nor wrong answer for this question since every woman or mother is unique. Thus, the timing is different for every mother and it could equally depend on your body and how you are breastfeeding your baby.

5 Ways To Reduce Water Retention

After giving birth, a lot of women experience swelling and puffiness in their skin. Their hands, face, feet, and legs get swelled up because of postnatal edema (water retention). It is basically water retention in a woman’s body that build up during pregnancy days.

When Can I Exercise After Birth?

Exercise brings many benefits after childbirth. It does not only enhance quick recovery after childbirth, but it also makes you stronger and equally improves your mood. There are many exercises that are safe for postpartum mothers, but of course, every woman’s body is different.

Dealing With Postpartum Hair Loss

As scary as it sounds, postpartum hair loss is a common thing. While most women enjoy hair thickness caused by pregnancy, such joys are usually short-lived in some women, who unfortunately start experiencing hair loss after the birth of a baby.

Why Postnatal Massage?

Postnatal massage therapy is an effective and all-inclusive approach to help adjust to motherhood. Massages are known to provide stress relief, pain relief, and stress reduction among other health benefits. Just after a mother delivers, her abdomen is flaccid and the skin is loose. Some stretch marks slow down the skin from returning to the pre-pregnant firmness.