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Cord Blood Banking


Boy Started to Walk Five Months after Cord Blood Infusion

This is a real story from United States.

Ashton was born a healthy and normal baby until he became very sick with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and pneumonia at six weeks old. The aggressive condition caused his heart to stop and nearly claimed his life. Even though the doctor managed to bring Ashton back to life, he developed cerebral palsy as there was a lack of oxygen flowing to his brain.

Ashton grew up with no ability to walk or even balance himself. Ashton’s father said, “Before Ashton was born, my wife brought this idea of saving his cord blood. She kept poking at me and said, ‘You know, we should save it, you never know when he might need it.” Luckily, because of his mom’s persistence, Ashton had his cord blood stored at birth.

Ashton’s cord blood was reinfused back into him through a simple IV procedure when he was five years old. Five months after the infusion, Ashton started to regain strength and balance. Soon after, he also started to walk without assistance.

“Before Ashton was born, we banked his cord blood, of course hoping he would never need it… but he did. I think it is the best thing for my son. To see him accomplishing everything that he is doing now, I attribute to the stem cells. I think everybody should look into it more often. If it has done this for my son, it could do it for everybody else. Look at him today,” said Ashton’s father.


This story is originally published on Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation.

Last accessed 9 April 2021.

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