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Dental Check For Young Children

When it comes to the first dental visit, most parents are confused: Should I take my child when all his teeth are grown? Should I wait for a dental problem to manifest? Such questions linger in the minds of most new mothers. However, experts do not agree and recommend taking your child to the dentist as soon as the first tooth grows.

According to the American Dental Association, mothers should take their kids to a dentist when the first tooth erupts- And it should be no later than two years. Dentist Anna Guarna says that the first visit is about introducing your kid to the dentist, his instruments and the chair- It’s about familiarizing him and even allowing them to take a ride in the chair. The first visit makes a good impression on the kid and is essential to making them comfortable in the office. After your kid is comfortable, your dentist can examine his teeth by taking a quick peek.

A dentist will check the gums and jaws of your kid. This is vital for checking on signs of dental decay or other dental problems. A dentist may also instruct your kid to bite him just to feel the strength of the kid’s teeth. During the first visit, your doctor will talk to you about maintaining good oral hygiene and ways of taking care of the kid’s tooth.

After the first visit, you should always bring the kid after every six months unless a dental issue arises. Common dental problems include teeth grinding and bad breath. If your kid experience any of these challenges, take him to the dentist.

Your dentist will gradually build on to-do things in your subsequent visits. He may, for example, count your child’s tooth or brush them with a toothpaste gel. During the phase, he may instruct you to hold your child to make them more comfortable.

If your child is less comfortable with the dentist, you should talk to him or hold his hands. In the subsequent visits, the dentist may require you to wait outside to enable the kid to enjoy independence and develop confidence in the dental office. Stepping outside also presents your kid with a good opportunity of knowing the dentist and staff better.

As the kid reaches 3 years, you will have many dental appointments for your kid. These appointments will check your kid’s teeth to ensure their healthy development.

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