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Diet to Conceive A Boy

For some people having a baby boy is really important. There could be many reasons behind it. Apparently, you can have a baby boy with a few diet changes. So, are you wondering about what diet would improve your chances of having a baby boy? Well, if ‘yes’ then read on.
But before we delve into details, it is worth noting that there is no proven evidence that changes in diet can help you conceive any specific gender. In fact, scientifically there is nothing a person can do about the baby’s sex. But some people do believe in myths and some of them are related to diet changes. Here we are going to break them down.

1. By eating alkaline foods
Many people say that if you want to conceive a baby boy then you should make your body alkaline. There are traditional and natural remedies to do that. You should start your alkaline diet a month prior to conceiving. You can increase your pH levels by doing the following:

1. By increasing the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables such as citrus fruits and root vegetables
2. By increasing the intake of foods that contain potassium, such as bananas and avocados
3. By eating nuts and avoiding dairy products
4. By eating salmon, mushrooms, and white beans

They say that this alkaline body works in the favor of Y sperm as they can swim faster. This diet plan of keeping your body alkaline is not bad at all. From a scientific point of view, adding fresh fruits and vegetables is not a bad idea but it doesn’t have anything to do with conceiving any specific gender of the baby.

2. By eating morning cereal
Some studies in the past have concluded that women who ate more morning cereal have a high probability of producing a baby boy. According to the study, the mothers were getting their calorie intake from breakfast cereals. There is also another angle that higher blood glucose levels work in favor of having a baby boy. Also, most cereals are fortified with potassium that contributes to conceiving a baby boy. However, again this myth is not clinically proven. But eating healthy nutrients through cereal more often is definitely good for your baby.

3. By eating a little more
This has a lot to do with the health of a woman who is trying to conceive a baby. Scientifically, if a woman is eating properly and do not have any underlying condition then she can conceive the baby very soon. So, women who are likely to eat more calories during pregnancy have higher chance of producing a male baby than women who do not eat much. It is again tied up with a high glucose level in the bloodstream and the right nutrients.

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