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Dos’ and Don’ts At Baby Mealtime

Even adults will reject porridge if we have been eating it twice daily for 6 months! These have been a word of encouragement to several lazy mothers out there, they believe, 1 year and 7 months? My baby is old enough to start eating solid meals.

Are they right? Is this a misinterpretation of Jasly Koo’s quote? Well, everyone’s feeding habit and lifestyle differs, but one thing is, there are several Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to feeding and general baby care.

The do’s
1. First and foremost, respect your child’s preferences. Babies have individual tastes for textures and flavors.
2. You can offer him the same food as everyone else but make sure it contains one food he likes.
3. Tastes in babies naturally change over time, so offer him previously-rejected foods. They may become acceptable a few months later.
4. When your child eats, remove any form of distraction.
5. Trim down the sweet drinks made available to him or her.
6. Ensure that milk intake is not excessive.
7. Children easily observe eating habits. Be a good role model for your child
8. During meals, offer him only child portions.
9. Stay close to your child while he or she eats
10. Lastly and most importantly, allow your child to feed himself/herself. This includes using fingers.

The don’ts 
1. Permit your child to gain your attention with food refusal.
2. Give your child the power to manipulate the family members using food.
3. Pamper or Force your child to eat.
4. Attract your child to the meal with milk or snacks.
5. Coax your child to eat using television, toys or games.
6. Drag meal times for long
7. Mandate or force your child to finish every meal.
8. Convert mealtimes into a battlefield.
9. Talk too much over meals.
10. Feed your child when asleep to prevent excessive weight gain.

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