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About Power Pumping

Breastfeeding is never an easy task and places a considerable demand on the mother’s body. For most moms, it takes away most of their time, and to others, it does not always work seamlessly.

Some women incur challenges with their milk supply, which can be a tough issue. Producing enough milk is not as easy as it sounds. Most moms fall short of adequate quantity and find themselves in desperate need of a few more ounces per day. This is where power-pumping comes into full swing. It’s an excellent option for mothers who want to boost their milk supply.

However, before starting power-pumping, the following is what you should know;
• Make use of a timer (20-10-10-10-10)
Power pumping is not something that you will want to rush into. You have to time yourself to do it effectively. The best routine is always setting an hour aside. You then spend the first twenty minutes pumping then you follow it up by a ten-minute rest. You then pump for another ten minutes and rest for some ten more before pumping for one last ten minutes. Make sure you have a comfy pumping spot to help you pass the time.

• Come up with a particular time of the day
When you are starting to power pump, the best way is to set a specific time during the day when you do it. This way, the body adjusts to that routine, and every day, you will realize better results than the previous. Morning time is the best since for most moms their milk supply is at peak when they wake up

• You’ll need to set aside a few days

Power pumping is not something that you do once, and you are done. You have to commit your time. It’s advisable for mothers to power pump for at least three days. To some, however, it can take up to seven or more days to get their production high enough. It depends on the mom, so commit your time for some good results.

• Works more or less the same as cluster feeding

The whole idea behind power pumping is to trick the woman’s body into making more milk by mimicking cluster feeding which whereby the baby constantly latches on the breast trying to feed, and your body sends a signal that milk is needed. The same message is sent with power pumping.

• It might not work for everyone

Power pumping might prove to be resourceful to some women and not so much to others. The supply of your milk could be getting low for a wide range of reasons, so if power pumping does not work for you, try other methods of increasing your supply or talk to a doctor.

For most moms, power pumping is a decision they make whenever they think their supply is low. However, it’s crucial you determine if your amount is genuinely small before you begin stressing about it. Consult with a doctor as well if possible.

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