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Fallopian Tube Problems

Do you know that a problem with a woman’s fallopian tube could cause problems with conception? Well, they can! Here is a list of possible causes for a blocked fallopian tube as well as what horrors a blocked fallopian tube can cause.

What is fallopian tube?
In a woman’s body, especially a woman who would like to have children, the Fallopian tube is one of the most important part, besides her womb of course. The Fallopian tube is actually a pair of tubes through which fertile eggs travel from the ovaries to the uterus.
If these tubes are in any way or form damaged, blocked or risked then the possibilities of getting pregnant become very slim and risky for the woman.

Problems that may occur with fallopian tube
A very likely and possible cause for female infertility is when there is a blockage on a woman’s Fallopian tubes. There is no particular outward symptom for a blocked fallopian tube other than more than a year of no conception. Women with blocked fallopian tubes often experience regular pains in their belly or pelvis during conception or menstruation.

Ectopic Pregnancy
If the blocked Fallopian tube causes a fertilized egg to be stuck in the tube, it is called an Ectopic Pregnancy and is very dangerous. This may cause vaginal bleeding and extreme abdominal pains alongside normal pregnancy signs. So if any woman is experiencing these symptoms, they should immediately go to the hospital and seek professional help.

Causes of a blocked fallopian tube
1. Infections in the pelvis
2. A previously ruptured appendix
3. Presence or history of having a sexually transmitted disease
4. If the woman has endometriosis then she is likely to have a blocked fallopian tube
5. Abdominal surgeries
6. Presence of Hydrosalpinx
7. Fibroids
8. Adhesions i.e. bands of scar tissues that form structures in the uterus or pelvis
These above-stated conditions can cause a blockage in the fallopian tube which in turn causes problems in conception. This is why a woman should take extra care of her body especially if in the future she wants to have a biological offsprings.

The world has progressed quite far, especially in the field of medicine so if there is an unlucky individual who has a blocked fallopian tube then there are ways for the woman to still get pregnant. The most common ways are a Laparoscopy and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

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