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Preparing Maternity Bag

It’s almost time to bring your baby to the world and a perfect time to gather all the essentials for giving birth. Collect all your birth and labor necessities – And while you may not be planning a hospital birth, it’s still important to pack your bags during the 36th week of pregnancy.

Signs Of Labor

If you have been noticing that your due date comes and goes with no signs of labor starting, don’t be distressed. Due date are only an estimate of when your baby will be 40 weeks. It does not necessarily tell you when your baby will arrive. It’s perfectly normal to give birth before or after your due date.

BUSTED: 7 Common Myths of Cord Blood Banking

The umbilical cord is the lifeline between you and your baby – it connects your developing baby to your placenta, which helps to provide nutrients and remove waste. Cord blood, also called “placental blood”, is blood that remains in the umbilical cord and placenta following the birth of a baby and after the umbilical cord is cut after delivery.

Best Foods For Mom After Cesarean

The period after a cesarian surgery is straining both mentally and physically for a mother. You will need healthy food to bring back your health. Getting a rich diet will not only boost your health but also hasten your healing process. When it comes to food for post C-section mothers, others say they should take solid food while some say these mothers should not take solid food: So what foods should post C-section mothers take?

Postpartum Care Checklist

Immediately after checking out from the hospital, your attention is always focused on taking care of your newborn baby, and that’s when most mothers forget they have to take care of themselves as well. Remember, for nine months, you were carrying and nurturing your baby, and your body needs to recover from it all.

5 Common Breastfeeding Myths

Nowadays, most parents are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to breastfeed their babies in a bid to keep them healthy. Even though producing breastmilk occurs naturally as early as during pregnancy, breastfeeding is considered a skill that both the baby and mother needs to learn.

10 Foods To Boost Milk Supply

Lactating mothers are really concerned about how they can boost their milk supply. There are times when a new mother doesn’t really know how to feed their baby the healthiest way. New mothers have been looking for the foods to eat that boost healthy supply of milk.

5 Common Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding your infant is a common, natural, and healthy process to promote growth. In certain cases, this process does not go as smoothly as expected. The mother should be able to learn the skills of breastfeeding along with the needs of her child. Here are the commonly observed challenges faced with breastfeeding.

Is Exercise Safe During Pregnancy?

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or not before pregnancy, as soon as you saw the two lines on the pregnancy test stick, you immediately became cautious in every move, fearing any wrong movement would harm the precious little cargo in your womb. Indeed, healthcare providers discourage exercises for the first trimester.

10 Things About 3rd Trimester

Because your bump increases in size, your organs receive more pressure. That is why, many women experience difficulty in breathing. Also, you will still need to deal with the same discomforts you had during the second trimester.

Physical Changes During Pregnancy

Your body goes through enormous physical changes during pregnancy. Some of these physical changes may cause aches and pains as well as discomforts. Luckily there are a few tips and tricks that can hopefully make going through such physical changes easier.

Make Your Pregnancy a Healthy One

A healthy pregnancy not only benefits your growing baby, but also benefits you. This all starts with a healthy diet.  A healthy diet is vital when you are pregnant. There is no magic trick to a “pregnancy diet”. A balanced diet is all that you (and your baby!) need.