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Week 18

If you see your baby at this stage, you will be astonished to see that the baby is rapidly growing with increased weight over the last few weeks. At this stage, you’ll experience the fetal movements as the bay gets active and performs some movements.

Week 17

Finally you have reached week 17th of your pregnancy journey. You are almost halfway through your journey. Let’s have a look at how your baby and body will be during this stage.

Week 16

Start gearing up as you have reached the 16th week of your pregnancy. You are entering the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy and your baby looks like a real human now at this stage. You are five months away from delivering a bundle of joy to this world.

Week 15

The time is moving so fast and you have finally reached week 15 of your pregnancy journey. You are done with three and a half months of your pregnancy by the end of this week. You might have not gained much weight during the first trimester but you’ll rapidly gain weight after this week.

Week 14

You have reached the second trimester of pregnancy, you are one trimester away from delivering the baby. It is one of the comfortable stages of pregnancy where you don’t feel morning sickness. You can enjoy your favorite meals. The body starts changing during this stage as the baby is rapidly growing.

Week 13

You have probably managed to survive the first trimester of your pregnancy phase with some troublesome experience waiting to enjoy the bundle of surprises coming up at the end of this journey. Pregnancy during the first trimester is definitely a challenging phase bit since you reached the 13th week you have survived successfully until now. You are very busy during this stage with lots of stuff going on over your mind.

Week 12

Finally, you have completed the first trimester of pregnancy. You are done with an exciting milestone, with each passing day the baby is busy in completing the development. By the start of week 12, all parts of the baby are undergoing accelerated development in order to become larger and stronger.

Week 11

Pregnancy is categorized into three different trimesters. When you have reached week 11, you have reached the end of the first trimester. It is great news that you have completed one-third of your journey. The second trimester is about to start and you’ll definitely enjoy it as it is commonly referred to as honeymoon phase. With the start of the second trimester, your hormones start settling down with more energy.

Week 10

At 10 weeks, you are a quarter way through the pregnancy journey. The baby starts getting stronger and bigger with each passing day. Only a few more weeks are remaining for the first trimester to end. With the third month of pregnancy, the vital organs of the baby are formed.

Week 9

During this period you are definitely going to experience some changes as the baby has turned into a fetus during this stage. It turns into a stronger and bigger baby. You are near the end of the first trimester.

Week 5

Week 5 is commonly known as the period during which the moms-to-be come to know that they are pregnant. You have missed your periods till this week and you have increased hormonal levels, morning sickness, fatigue, nausea, and sore breasts.

Week 4

You are four weeks pregnant and there is a long journey ahead of you if you are sure that you are pregnant. You will have exciting and challenging experiences during the entire journey so get ready for it. The egg is now released from the ovary and has reached the fallopian tube where it gets fertilized by the sperm.