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5 Ways to Deal with Terrible Twos

Young children go through various developmental phases, one of which is the ‘Terrible Twos’. You may have had smooth moments with your baby ever since he was born until suddenly when he starts throwing tantrums at the slightest opportunity or provocation. Well calm down and remind yourself of your child’s age. If he is two years old, you can be sure he is in the ‘Terrible Twos’ phase which is characterized by deviant behaviours, lots of frustrations and tantrums.

The behaviours associated with terrible twos can start anytime between the ages of 18 and 30 months, a period when babies start walking, talking, developing opinions, learning about emotions and understanding how to share and take turns.

As a parent, you will have to adopt some tips to help your child through this phase and also to make things easier for you;

  1. Do not spank

Some parents have the tendency of reacting poorly to the rebellious behaviours of their toddlers in the terrible twos phase. As frustrating as this can be to you, try not to spank or hit them. Remember hitting your child is considered child abuse in most countries and that could land you in trouble. Moreover, when you hit or spank your child, it gives them the impression that you do not love them. Also, you may want to avoid yelling at them, by explaining things to them nicely even if they are not having it. All these will help your child adopt nonviolent behaviours.

  1. Keep rules simple

At this stage, children do not need complicated rules. You have to make simple rules and give them brief explanations. For example, tell your child bedtime is 7:30 because they need to have some rest. This is quite simple as opposed to telling them that they need to sleep for about 11 to 14 hours daily for their optimal growth. Inasmuch as you want to teach your children, you have to take it slowly.

  1. Let your child make some choices

It is granted that you are the parent who knows what’s best for your child. However, you may want them to take control sometimes so that they can feel really important. The best way to go about this is to give them opportunities to choose between two things. For example, ask your toddler to choose between the white and red toy car.

  1. Set limits and don’t give in

Sometimes, you have to set your limits and be consistent about them no matter how many tantrums your child displays. For example, don’t give in to buying your child soda at the grocery shop even if he starts throwing tantrums. Stay firm on your decision not to give him sodas and take out as much time as possible to calm him down instead of giving him what you know is not good for him.

  1. Keep the home safe

The Terrible Twos is also a phase of exploration, so it’s imperative to keep the house environment safe so your child doesn’t hurt himself. Also, you will have to protect your belonging well so your child doesn’t destroy them. For example, keep your books and other variables in places that are not within your child’s reach.

6 Reasons Why Vaccination is Important to Your Kids

Vaccination, also known as immunization, is the administration of a vaccine into the body to produce immunity against a specific infectious disease. A vaccine prompts the immune system to produce antibodies that combat pathogens, either bacteria or viruses. Vaccination is an effective way to protect children from infectious diseases. In fact, vaccination is one of the greatest medical achievements of mankind. Vaccines have helped to protect millions of children across the world against some of the most devastating diseases. Thanks to vaccination, diseases such as measles, polio, pertussis, tetanus, and many more can now be prevented.

So, let’s look at the reasons why vaccination is important to your kids

1. Vaccination protects your kids from infectious diseases
Vaccination is designed to stimulate your child’s body to build a defense system to fight diseases caused by germs. A vaccine prepares the body to combat disease-causing pathogens without exposing it to disease symptoms. The vaccine produces antibodies that stay in the body for a long time to protect the child from future infections that could potentially be fatal. Vaccinations protect children from the complications of infectious diseases, which can include paralysis of limbs, amputation, hearing loss, brain damage, convulsions, and death. These vaccinations have helped to eliminate some diseases that once killed and injured thousands of children. For instance, Polio, which was once the world’s most feared disease is close to extinction, thanks to vaccination.

2. Vaccination keeps your kids healthy
When you don’t get your kids vaccinated, you leave them vulnerable to a wide range of vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines work with the body’s natural defenses to develop immunity against diseases. This lowers the chances of your kids getting infected or suffering from their complications. Generally, vaccination is the best way parents can secure a healthy future for their kids.

3. Vaccination helps save time and money
Vaccinating your kids helps to keep away vaccine-preventable diseases, hence allowing you to engage in productive activities rather than taking time off from work to look after a sick child. Most vaccine-preventable diseases can cause prolonged disabilities, which can significantly increase a family’s living costs.

4. Vaccination protects future generations
Through vaccination, the world has managed to reduce and, in some cases, eliminate some of the most dangerous diseases that killed and disabled millions of people generations ago. Therefore, vaccinating your kids minimizes the risk that they will pass the virus to their children.

5. Vaccination protects other people’s families too
When you vaccinate your kids, you not only protect your family from vaccine-preventable diseases, but you also protect other people who cannot receive certain vaccines.

6. Vaccines are safe and effective
Vaccinations for all types of diseases have been carefully reviewed by scientists and healthcare professionals. They are generally safe and effective for protecting kids from diseases. Moreover, they have minimal side effects.
The benefits of vaccinating your kids cannot be overemphasized. Along with protecting your family’s finances, it guarantees the wellbeing of future generations.

How Snacking Affects Your Teeth

A lot of people have this habit of munching something, but do you know that snacking can affect your teeth? Well, it is not just children who need help with snacking all day and skipping meals. Even some adults keep on eating junk food and carbonated drinks which can affect their oral and overall health. Here we will be discussing how snacking affects your pearly whites, so keep on reading.

Be Proud to Be A Single Mom

Some parents, for unfortunate reasons, need to separate, but does that mean that a single mom cannot provide their kids with the best of everything? Well, that is not true at all.

If you are a single mom, you should be proud of yourself for raising kids all on your own. If you find people telling you to improve your methods of parenting, you should know that you are doing well, and you do not need anyone to tell you how you can do better.

When you are juggling a job along with raising your kids in the most appropriate manner, you are truly a superhero. And you should make sure that your kids know about it.

Raising kids is never easy. Sometimes you might have a heavy heart, and you will have to leave home just to raise money so that you can feed them and educate them properly. Most nights, when you walk into the house, you will find them already asleep. There will be days when you will miss the parent-teacher meeting, and you might feel guilty about not attending their first performance at school.

But let me tell you one thing. You are strong for what you are doing, and you are even more incredible for doing it alone. Trust me; it will all be worth it in the end. Try to spend some quality time after a hectic week at the office. Avoid office work on the weekend so that you can spend the whole day with your babies. Learn how to balance things.

• Some days, you might have to prioritize work over your children. Whereas the other days, you might have your baby by your side, and you might need to be there for them.

• While you are hustling with all the other things, you might also need to tell your kids how proud you are of them. Celebrate small happiness and achievements. Make them know that you trust them and you are proud of them. Tell them even if you cannot be there with them all the time, but you are always there for them when they are in trouble. Try to be their friends that they can tell you each and every trouble that has been bothering them.

• The best support you will have will be your kids and once you know that your kids understand you, you can be a little more stress-free. Having the sport of your kids will mean the world to you. And that is what really matters.

Being a single mother is never a piece of cake. You might have to sacrifice a lot more than any other parent. But once you understand the essence of motherhood, you will enjoy it more than anybody else.

Why Get Blue Light Glasses for your Child

If you’ve ever heard of the harmful effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays, blue light is nearly as damaging. It has the shortest wavelength of visible light, which directly translates to more energy. With blue light being up to one-third of the visible light spectrum, it is impossible to escape it.

The sun is the biggest source of blue light, but there are many other artificial blue light sources. Led lights, fluorescent lights, televisions, and computer monitors all emit powerful blue light that can be damaging to the naked eye. Hence, blue light is everywhere, from the sun to the screens on the devices you use.

There are many ways to limit the amount of blue light that your kids are exposed to. One effective way is by limiting their screen time, and another, more effective way may be to get the blue light glasses.

What are Blue Light Glasses?
Blue light glasses are made to reduce the amount of blue light that constant use of computer gadgets expose the eyes too. While some people dispute the effectiveness of blue light glasses, there is enough evidence that they work to some extent.
There are many kinds of blue light glasses available on the market for purchase, and they all have slightly different functions. While some are mostly prescription glasses, others can be bought by anyone who cares for their eyes.

Why it is Important to Keep the Child Wearing on Blue Light Glasses
Getting blue glasses isn’t nearly as important as wearing them. After getting blue light glasses for your kids, it’s important to keep them wearing them constantly, especially when they’re inside.

Kids get exposed to more blue light outside the house than they do inside, no thanks to the sun. However, sight degradation isn’t the only negative effect of exposure to blue light; it also disturbs sleep patterns, keeping them up at night.

Before the advent of digital devices, the sun helped maintain a healthy sleeping pattern. During the day, people absorb blue light from the sun, preventing their bodies from producing chemicals that cause sleep.

With the introduction of screens, people started absorbing similar amounts of blue light at night too, making it difficult for the body to produce chemicals needed to produce the chemicals that stimulate sleep.

By ensuring that your child wears blue light glasses constantly, you can help them maintain a healthy sleep pattern, reducing the risks of linked diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and mood disorders.

6 Things to know about your Capricorn baby

If you are expecting a Capricorn baby, then you are going to be both stressed and blessed simultaneously. Capricorn babies are active and like performing different activities for stimulating their minds. They love keeping them busy and notice even a single change in their routine. They are shy in nature and prefer doing individual tasks. Here we have compiled a list of 6 things to know about your Capricorn baby.

1. They are shy
A Capricorn baby will feel uncomfortable in new places. They don’t make friends quickly and avoid conversation with strangers. They need privacy and are shy in nature. Also, they avoid attending parties. Even in the school break time, they only play with kids they already know. Also, they are not attention seekers.

2. They are responsible
Capricorn babies are responsible and like to hold charge of different things. You can observe this trait in your baby when it’s time to put together the toys. Your Capricorn baby will become more responsible and stronger as he or she grows up. You will notice your kid doing his/her homework without asking for your help. Of course, it’s great news for any parent.

3. They are stubborn
Expect your baby to be stubborn if he or she is Capricorn. A Capricorn baby is much determined about his/her likes and dislikes. You are likely to hear the word ‘no’ from your baby and it would be tough to change their decision. You can’t force your Capricorn baby to do any specific thing as they hardly negotiate. But nothing to worry about as they are logical and you can persuade them by using valid points.

4. They like taking challenges
A Capricorn baby is brilliant. He or she is inquisitive and loves playing challenging games. Capricorn babies are more focused as compared to other zodiac babies and they can complete their tasks well on time. They can learn new information and things fast that’s why they are likely to lead other babies.

5. They are independent
Your Capricorn baby will not need a partner to play with as he or she is independent. They are good at playing all alone and need less attention in comparison to other babies. They can spend much time on a single activity without getting bored.

6. They are good decision makers
Small kids and most babies find it hard when choosing something. But for Capricorns, decision-making is quite an easy process. They can easily select a bedtime story or a toy to play with.

6 Things to Know About Your Leo Baby

Do you want to know more about your upcoming Leo baby? Here are the 6 common personality traits of babies under this zodiac sign.

1. They love to smile
Leo babies have the kind of smile that can brighten up your day and make your nights even better. Simply watching your Leo baby’s beautiful smile can vanish your stress.

2. They are born leaders
They would learn responsibility with no difficulty. Activities that could hone this personality would fit him or her well.

3. They are energetic
Another major personality trait about Leo babies is that they are energetic and easily become the center of attention. The more attention you give them, the happier they are.

4. They are affectionate
Your Leo baby would be showering you with all the love and affection. He or she would enjoy giving you lots of hugs and kisses.

5. They are creative
They would love to engage in activities that would unleash their artistic side. They could start with playing toys that could stimulate their imagination. Eventually, you could do simple DIY (do-it-yourself) projects with him or her.

6. They are competitive
They are fond of winning so it is hard for them to admit their defeat. You must be ready with all the pep talks to make them understand that it is all right to make mistakes because it is when we learn and improve for the better.

6 Things to Know About Your Cancer Baby

Cancer is known to be the most loyal of all zodiac signs. They have unique traits and here we will be talking about 6 things Cancer babies possess.

1. They are moody
Since Cancer babies are ruled by changing moon, they have mood swings similar to changes in tides. There could be moments when they shift from being calm and content to being crybabies. Experts also say that Cancer babies cry more than babies born under the other zodiac signs. But it is nothing to be worried about because they are just sensitive.

2. They love water activities
Cancer is a water sign and is symbolized by the crab which is a kind of creature that can live both on land and in the sea and it represents Cancer perfectly. Cancer babies love playing water sports and activities. Swimming lessons and bath time are something they could enjoy.

3. They are affectionate
Cancer babies are empathetic and affectionate. They feel things and are drawn towards kindness and sweetness. They are natural caregivers. Praise them, be sweet to them, and encourage them when they do something great. They are even loyal to their toys.

4. They love their mothers
The term “Mama’s boy/girl” fits Cancer babies well. Home is their safe haven. They build a special bond with their mother at their early age. This is another reason that they can be quiet and shy when dealing with other people, so being close to his or her mom is their only trust. The Cancer kids are not that sociable so they can have a hard time adjusting to new people and places.

5. They are stubborn
Unlike their sweet and caring nature, they could be stubborn at times. These kids are really intuitive and remember everything, so they do not forget bad experiences. They bottle up negative feelings and burst sometimes or feel sad.

6. They love food
Food is the ultimate love of Cancer babies. If they are upset, a good meal can cheer them up. When it comes to food, Cancer kids will be first to the table.

6 Things to Know About Your Gemini Baby

Gemini kids are congenial. They are talkative from an early age and get a grasp on so many things. It would not be wrong to say that they are the social beings of all zodiac signs. Gemini babies possess unique traits and if you are expecting a baby between 21st May and June 20, you are going to have a kid with incredible characteristics. Here, we have put together 6 things about a Gemini baby that you must know.

1. They are super intelligent
Who would not want to have smart babies? Gemini babies are the brightest to the level of genius. Some even say that they are great with computers and technology. Giving them science kits, musical instruments, and complex gadgets would be a good idea to train their brains from an early age. Some of them enjoy reading, writing, and debate. They have the quality of multitasking as well.

2. They are full of energy
After a whole day, you might think that they would be tired, but they would still be ready to crawl out of bed and would be looking for their new adventure. They hate confined spaces, so keep an eye out when you leave him or her in the cot alone. If they wake up, expect them to be ready to play so be on alert.

3. They are talkative
Gemini babies love to talk. This is one of their strengths that they could engage you with hours of talking. They would be pleased to exchange lots of ideas.

4. They are social beings
Gemini babies love to hang out with other people. They have sense of humor and can have fun with anyone from their peer group. They could make themselves good leaders.

5. They are complex
Behind the attractive bubbly personality, Gemini babies tend to be complex as they grow up. They could have different personalities and could be unpredictable.

6. They are indecisive
There could be times when they could not make up their mind. Therefore, they would need someone to guide and direct them towards the right decision.

6 Things to Know About Your Taurus Baby

Tauruses are known for being cuddle bugs and strong-headed. But a Taurus kid has some other unique traits as well that you must know. If you have a Taurus baby, then we have good news for you. We are going to share with you a list of 6 things to know about your Taurus baby.

1. They are snuggle loving
Taurus babies love snuggling, so being a parent, you have to give them maximum cuddle time. These babies love affection and their anger can easily be calmed with a warm snuggle. Also, they are excellent sleepers naturally, so you do not need to worry about waking up at night. You can best show your love to your Taurus baby with a hug.

2. They need safety
Taurus babies crave security and safety. They feel most secure when they are in the arms of their beloved parents. Also, you can place a stuffed toy or pillow in your baby carrier if you are not around or you are busy somewhere else.

3. They have healthy appetite
You do not need to trick your Taurus baby to let him/her eat something. A Taurus baby has a healthy appetite and you just need to worry about keeping your baby’s belly full. Just try to make enough healthy food to make him/her happy.

4. They love nature
Nature can help you keep calm, even if you are highly depressed. They love spending maximum time with nature. Your little one will want to go outside in the natural environment. Prefer going for walks in the park while keeping your baby in the stroller. Avoid taking out your baby during the hot sunny days. Let your Taurus baby breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty.

5. They are sensitive
Tauruses are highly sensitive and have a great level of all their senses i.e. sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Your Taurus baby will respond quickly to colors and sound effects so you can expose him/her to early music.

6. They are determined
If you think you are heading a house in the presence of a Taurus around, then you are absolutely wrong. Taurus babies will do everything that delights them. As they grow older, try talking to them instead of punishing them. Nothing can stop them whenever they have decided to do something. Try correcting them by using love, affection, and hugs.

6 Things to Know about Your Aries Baby

Aries is an interesting and complex zodiac sign. Aries babies have some unique traits that are not found in other star babies. So, if you have an Aries baby or you are expecting one, then you must know about the following:

1. They are extremely honest
Aries babies are very honest. They are likely to ask innocent, yet shocking questions from you. Do not expect them to sugarcoat things. They are straightforward and will say anything without thinking about the aftereffect.
Aries babies love to overcome boundaries that you may put in place. But that should not worry you as most of the parents wish to have an honest baby and you are lucky to have one naturally. Just make sure to teach them the way of delivering their message so that their words will not hurt others.

2. They are generous and kind
Only a few children love sharing their toys and eatables with other kids. In fact, some babies forcefully snatch things from other babies if they find them attractive. But that will not be the case with your baby as he/she will be extremely generous. Even your baby will be willing to give his/her things to others. Parents of a generous baby can enjoy a peaceful environment in their home as there will be minimum sibling rivalry.

3. They are born leaders
Aries babies love competition as they are bold and confident. They do not feel shy like other babies and love to take responsibilities as a leader. Aries kids have a charismatic personality and are capable of influencing other children. They are born to lead and possess problem-solving skills.

4. They are attention seekers
You cannot ignore your Aries baby for a long time due to their attention-seeking nature. Give the required attention to your baby and be ready for some sweet hugs and loveable laughs.

5. They are slow potty trainers
Perhaps you want your baby to be potty trained as early as possible, but that will not happen with an Aries baby. Your Aries baby will learn potty training a bit late.

6. They are fast and ambitious
Aries babies are likely to speak and walk at an early age. They love learning new things, so be ready to baby-proof your home.

How to Choose a Car Seat

When you shop for your newborn, you should be intentional about getting items that will protect your baby against harm. A car seat happens to be one of those crucial purchases if you own a vehicle and be on the road all the times. Although almost all car seats in the market have been tested and approved, you should be able to pick one that’s best for you and your lifestyle. Here are the main things you should look out for when buying a car seat.

1. Age appropriate
Car seats are designed to suit children of different ages. For example, there are car seats made exclusively for newborns, toddlers, and older children of up to 12 years old. Therefore, you must consider your child’s age and height when choosing a car seat. While some car seats are adjustable with upper limits to accommodate your growing baby, it’s still your responsibility as a parent to upgrade to the next step whenever your child outgrows a particular car seat.

2. Comfort
As a parent, you want your baby to be comfortable at all times. Undeniably, you want to choose a car seat that will keep your baby comfortable while you are focused on driving. Some of the comfortable features to look for in a car seat include adjustable reclining position, adaptive side impact protection, enough space for your baby’s legs, and adjustable height.

3. Easy installation
Another important thing to consider when choosing a car seat is ease of use. Let’s face it, being a parent is not easy especially when you have other things like work, business or school to handle. Therefore, your best bet is to get a car seat that can be installed in a few minutes whenever you want to switch cars. Ensure that you get a car seat with quick and clear indications on how to install it in your car.

4. Adaptable to your car
It is also imperative for you to choose a car seat that can conveniently fit in your car. This also means that you should know your car, so you can in turn choose a car seat that will fit in it properly. Take time to check your car’s child-safety sections while paying attention to features such as the size and types of belts, seats, and latch.

5. Durability
Like with other baby accessories, you should endeavour to get a car seat that is made with durable material that can last for many years.