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Your Baby At 3 Months

All babies develop at different rates. And it’s no different for 3 month-old babies. Don’t fret if your baby misses a development milestone – he might be some weeks ahead on some milestone and a bit behind on others. It will even out eventually.  But if you’re concerned that your baby has missed key milestones altogether, speak with your doctor. This guide shows what to expect from your three-month old baby.

About Power Pumping

Breastfeeding is never an easy task and places a considerable demand on the mother’s body. For most moms, it takes away most of their time, and to others, it does not always work seamlessly. Some women incur challenges with their milk supply, which can be a tough issue.

6 Baby Cues You Should Know

A mother spent nine months planning and preparing for the arrival of a baby doing so many things, including decorating a nursery and reading what your baby might need, his or her cues of hunger, thirst, and sleep among so many other things. But things could be different once your baby is born.