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Home Workouts During Pregnancy

Keep moving when you’re expecting – experts agree that moderate exercises benefit both the expecting mother and the baby as pregnant women who exercise have less back pain, stronger body, a better body image, and return to their pre-pregnancy shape faster after delivery. But don’t rush to join a gym just yet – being fit doesn’t have to mean fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership. Here are a few simple workouts that can be done at home for a better pregnant body.

1. Plié
This workout strengthens your quadriceps, hamstrings and butt, and improve your balance.
How to:
• Stand parallel to the back of a sturdy chair with the hand closest to the chair resting on it, feet parallel and hip-distance apart.
• With your toes and knees turned out to 45 degrees, pull your belly button up and in.
• Bend your knees, lowering your torso as low as possible. Keep your back straight while doing so.
• Straighten your legs to return to starting position.
• Repeat for reps.

2. Side-lying inner and outer thigh
This workout strengthens your core and inner thighs
How to:
• Lie on your left side, head supported by your forearm, left leg bent at a 45-degree angle and right leg straight. Place your opposite arm on the floor for stability.
• Lift right leg to about hip height and repeat for reps.
• Then, bend your right knee and rest it on top of pillows for support.
• Straighten your left leg and lift it as high as possible for reps.
• Switch sides. Repeat for reps.

3. Plank
This static, endurance-based exercise is ideal for expecting women as it strengthens your core, arms and back at the same time.
How to:
• Get down on your hand and knees, with your wrist directly under your shoulders.
• Lift your knees and straighten your legs behind you until you form a straight line
• Hold for 2 to 5 seconds, and slowly work up to 10 seconds.
• If it is still too difficult, keep your knees bent slightly or rest them on the floor while doing it.
• Pay attention to your back and make sure it is not arched.

4. Standing Crunches
This workout strengthens your core.
How to:
• Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
• Draw your belly button towards your spine, tuck your pelvis slightly and bring your fingertips to your ears.
• Crunch forward and squeeze your abdominal muscles.
• Release with control and return to starting position.
• Repeat for reps.

5. Pelvic Tilts
This workout also strengthens your core.
How to:
• Stand with your bank against a wall, relax your spine.
• Inhale as you press the small of your back against the wall.
• Exhale and release. Return to starting position.
• Repeat for reps.

Easy and convenient, right? That said, do check with your healthcare provider first before planning your home workout routine. Happy training, happy pregnancy!

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