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How to Choose a Baby Cot

A baby cot is one of those important purchases mothers-to-be always make before the arrival of their newborn. Having the right cot is as crucial to many expectant mothers as choosing the perfect room colors are. There are indeed many types of baby cots available in different brands, but that could be a topic of its own. Our focus right now are the things to take into consideration when picking the perfect cot for your bundle of joy.

1. Safety
The importance of choosing a baby cot that guarantees your baby’s safety can never be overemphasized. Therefore, you should choose a cot that is made with non-toxic materials, including non-toxic wood and paint. Remember that babies love to chew on anything, especially when they are teething, so you must ensure that they do not ingest anything that can cause harm to their body system. In addition, a safe baby cot should have the following features:

• Deep enough to prevent your child from falling;
• A mattress that fits perfectly around all sides;
• No spaces for head, hand or limb entrapment;
• No sharp or protruding parts where your baby could harm himself.

2. Easy to use
It is important to buy a cot that you can easily assemble without any hitches. Getting a cot that has wheels is practical as you could easily switch its position in the room. Moreover, you should consider getting a cot with adjustable height. Remember babies grow so fast and you will have to adjust the cot height by making it deeper as your baby grows. This is also to prevent the baby from leaving the cot when he is left unattended.

3. Durability
Unlike other baby accessories that are often replaced several times, cots are mostly a one-time item. Therefore, you should ensure that the chosen cot is made with top-quality woods like pine and beech that guarantees its durability over the years. Rest assured that it’s possible to use one solid cot made with durable wood for all your children! You can pass a cot from one child to another as long as it’s in a good state. A pro tip of buying a durable cot is to choose one that adheres to the safety standards of your country.

4. Affordability
Above all, you should settle for the best cot you can afford. Several durable and relatively cheaper cots can be bought both online and offline, so rest assured you can get a good one without breaking the bank.

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