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How to Choose a Car Seat

When you shop for your newborn, you should be intentional about getting items that will protect your baby against harm. A car seat happens to be one of those crucial purchases if you own a vehicle and be on the road all the times. Although almost all car seats in the market have been tested and approved, you should be able to pick one that’s best for you and your lifestyle. Here are the main things you should look out for when buying a car seat.

1. Age appropriate
Car seats are designed to suit children of different ages. For example, there are car seats made exclusively for newborns, toddlers, and older children of up to 12 years old. Therefore, you must consider your child’s age and height when choosing a car seat. While some car seats are adjustable with upper limits to accommodate your growing baby, it’s still your responsibility as a parent to upgrade to the next step whenever your child outgrows a particular car seat.

2. Comfort
As a parent, you want your baby to be comfortable at all times. Undeniably, you want to choose a car seat that will keep your baby comfortable while you are focused on driving. Some of the comfortable features to look for in a car seat include adjustable reclining position, adaptive side impact protection, enough space for your baby’s legs, and adjustable height.

3. Easy installation
Another important thing to consider when choosing a car seat is ease of use. Let’s face it, being a parent is not easy especially when you have other things like work, business or school to handle. Therefore, your best bet is to get a car seat that can be installed in a few minutes whenever you want to switch cars. Ensure that you get a car seat with quick and clear indications on how to install it in your car.

4. Adaptable to your car
It is also imperative for you to choose a car seat that can conveniently fit in your car. This also means that you should know your car, so you can in turn choose a car seat that will fit in it properly. Take time to check your car’s child-safety sections while paying attention to features such as the size and types of belts, seats, and latch.

5. Durability
Like with other baby accessories, you should endeavour to get a car seat that is made with durable material that can last for many years.

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