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Baby Weaning


Introducing Allergenic Foods

As your baby grows, he will require some solid foods, as the breast milk will gradually fail to fill his stomach. Allergenic foods refer to the food that most babies’ bodies react harshly to; peanuts and eggs are common examples of these allergens.

When it comes to the question of introducing allergens most parents have different ideas on the perfect timing; fears and anxieties could make these parents ponder on all moves- And when that happens it’s vital to understand what is best for your child.

Reducing food allergies in babies
According to FDA, cow’s milk, peanuts, eggs, soy, finned fish, tree nuts, wheat and shellfish accounts for over 90% of food allergies. These eight foods are common allergens. The recommendation is to delay the introduction of the allergenic food to high-risk children. However, the it is important to note that introducing some allergenic food like peanuts earlier will lower their chances of developing allergies to the same food. It is recommended for mothers to introduce the allergens food slowly and gradually to their babies with full supervision.

Tips on introducing allergenic foods
You should introduce each allergenic food at a time
When introducing any of these foods, always be on the lookout for the child’s reactions. You should also give these foods as single ingredient instead of the usual recipe foods. Add fruit slices to these allergenic foods to increase the chances of your baby liking the taste.

After serving the food to your baby, you should check the baby for any allergic reaction. If there is none you can increase the number of servings per week. For best results, offer them at least thrice a week.

Here is a breakdown for introducing some of the allergenic foods.
• Eggs
An egg is an excellent source of protein for toddlers. You should serve scrambled or hard-boiled eggs to your kid as they have a good texture and digestibility.

• Dairy milk
Most formulas have dairy milk in it and this is the reason for some common challenges. Experts recommend waiting for your baby to reach one-year-old to start serving them with milk.

• Peanut butter
Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein. Melt the peanut butter with warm water and serve it to your child. You can add some fruits or vegetable puree.

Introducing allergenic foods is vital for your baby’s health- Most of these foods are nutritious and helping your baby take them enables him to grow healthier and faster.

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