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Kids With Special Needs

Nine months of painful and challenging journey comes to an end with the biggest of the blessings one is be able to have. You call yourself imperfect and have lived a life with all those flaws but you want your child to lead a perfect life as a perfect person. However, the fear keeps on hovering over you and you keep on looking for it.

To accept that your child needs special care and attention is very important as many parents fail to deal with it. Detecting any such disorders at an early stage is important. Research proves that too. There are certain symptoms which are easy to detect. Mostly physical disabilities such as blindness or deafness. While the others can be difficult to determine.

You must pay attention to all these to know whether your child has any sign:
1. Check out how your child responds when called. Any delay or completely no response is a clear symptom of any disability.

2. Speech delay. If a child takes a long time to learn and utter a word, it is likely that the child is confused which needs to be resolved soon.

3. At early stages, poor eye contact also indicates a disorder.

4. A child who is going through any sort of disability is likely to get easily irritated than a normal child. Hyperactivity is also a symptom which is mostly obscured by the notion that the child is very active and hence it is not a problem.

5. See how long your child can pay attention to anything he does. There are certain mental disabilities which makes it difficult for a child to sustain a good attention towards his tasks.

6. Children with any physical or mental disability want to stay aloof. They do not easily mingle and love to remain in their own world.

To know more about these special needs, it is best to consult your doctor.

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