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5 Ways to Handle Horrible 3

Most parents may already be familiar with Terrible Twos behaviors, but do you know that dealing with a three-year-old child can also be really...

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What is the APGAR Score?

APGAR is a quick test that is usually performed on newborns when they are 1 and 5 minutes. old. These tests are often performed...

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5 Alternative Birthing Methods You May Consider

With advancements in medical technology, childbirth has become a lot safer for both the mother and the baby. So far, most hospitals have responded...

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Teething and Fever

While your baby's first tooth is certainly adorable, teething can be tedious for parents. There will be lots of crying, face rashes, drooling, gum irritation,...

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5 Natural Remedies for Cold During Pregnancy

Catching a cold during pregnancy is not pleasant at all. Typically, pregnant women are not susceptible to cold because a woman’s immune system tends...

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