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Naming My Baby Can Be Hard

It can be such a challenge trying to come up with the perfect name for your baby. Speaking for myself, I found it to be torturing me mentally every time I tried to name my boy. I would not like anyone to experience the anguish I underwent during those first six weeks. That is why I have made a list of the most common hitches you may experience when you decide to indulge in the hunt for a good name. I also got solutions because I wouldn’t be of much help just describing a problem.

So, you can’t settle on one name?
Finding a baby name that you love can be hard enough, but finding one that your partner and you love, is even trickier. You might have grown up in love with a particular name or names. It might be such a blow to you, that when you are planning to give the name to your firstborn, your partner just goes like “Nah, I don’t like it.”

In the same way, your partner may have a million suggestions, that you straight up decline with no sensible reason and yet you have none to offer. There’s still the rare occurrence where both of you are not of any help because each of you disagrees with the suggestions they come up with as well as those of their partners.

A nice way to avoid this is to come up with a list of possibilities at the time you’re pregnant. The two of you should make a column for boys then another for girls, with spaces for markings. Mark those that you like or dislike. Your partner should do it.

This list will give a shortlist of favorites. Since your feelings may change as you progress with pregnancy, it is wise to keep referring to it just to make small amendments if need be. If there is more than one favorite name between the two of you, don’t fret. What if you just compromise by choosing one of the names as a middle name?

Baby name suggestions
The minute you get it out there that you are pregnant, you will receive a million suggestions for names. Try your best to not be too dismissive. You may realize some names that you really but had missed out on. Note down the suggestions that appeal to you. You might want to include them in the favorites list we created above. Hope this helps you find it easier than I did. And congratulations in advance.

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