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Postpartum Care Checklist

Immediately after checking out from the hospital, your attention is always focused on taking care of your newborn baby, and that’s when most mothers forget they have to take care of themselves as well. Remember, for nine months, you were carrying and nurturing your baby, and your body needs to recover from it all. The delivery too is not something you can take lightly. In the postpartum weeks, you ought to take good care of yourself to recover quickly and have sufficient energy to look after your baby. The following are some of the essentials you ought to have in your postpartum care checklist:

• Take adequate fruits, whole grains, and vegetables
After nine months of a long journey, you need as much nutrients your body can absorb. After delivery, it’s crucial you take the right diet because not only does it help your body, it is also instrumental in the milk production process for your baby. Make sure you take plenty of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables to keep a healthy diet.

• Painkillers and stool softeners
After delivery, you may have some normal body aches. Before you can finally leave the hospital, ask your doctor to provide you with the suitable pain killers. Stool softeners are good too since after delivery you want to avoid having to push so hard.

• Nipple cream
For breastfeeding mothers, you may get sore nipples, and the best way to deal with that is applying nipple cream which softens and smoothens the area around the nipple.

• Creams and lotions
After pregnancy, you are most likely going to have stretch marks. Don’t panic! Just buy some cream and lotion to help them fade away.

• Nursing bras
These are crucial for mothers from the very first day. The best thing with nursing bras is that you can wear them during the day and at night as well. They are especially very comfortable for mothers to sleep in and you need them to hold your breast pads, so you don’t soak the bed with milk at night.

• Water and fiber
The last thing you need is feeling uncomfortable and constipated. Ensure you take adequate water as well as fiber.

• Jammie pants and a robe
During postpartum you don’t need real clothes as much. Put on some Jamie pants and feel free as you relax around the house. It provides a unique experience. A robe is an excellent idea too because not only is it comfortable, it also gives easy access to your breasts while breastfeeding.

After delivery, you need to watch out for yourself in the best way possible. Make sure you have all that you need to avoid getting inconvenienced at any one given time. Avoid strenuous activities as well. Remember, you need to be at your best to be able to take care of the baby. Now with that in mind, take it easy, you are well covered.

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