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Safe Sex During Pregnancy

So you just found out that you are pregnant, and you are wondering if it is safe to engage in sexual acts with your partner. In fact it is perfectly safe for you to have sexual intercourse during your pregnancy subject to the advice that your medical professionals give you. This is because every pregnancy is unique and special. Read on to find out more.

Will sexual intercourse safe during pregnancy?
Sex is an important part of a healthy marriage. And don’t worry, your partner’s penis will not penetrate beyond your cervix and negatively affect your pregnancy, neither will your unborn baby feel it. However, it is important to understand each other’s feelings about sexual intercourse. It is normal for sex drive to change during pregnancy. Talk to your partner about your feelings and do not shy away from it.

If you have a low-risk pregnancy, and you have been told by medical professionals that you suffer from no pregnancy complications, having sexual intercourse with your partner will not increase your risk of miscarriage, neither will it cause you to go into early labor.

Orgasm during sexual intercourse might feel different. Orgasm is in effect muscle contraction that causes pleasure, which is why sometimes it can set off contractions. These contractions are usually mild, and they do not affect pregnancy. These contractions are called Braxton Hicks contractions. Braxton Hicks contractions are known to be uncomfortable, but do not threat, they will go away on their own. If they don’t, make sure you contact your doctor or other medical professionals immediately.

If you are in an open relationship with your partner (i.e. your partner is having sexual intercourse with other people), it is important that you use a condom to protect your unborn baby (and yourself) from a potentially life-threatening sexually transmitted disease.

When to avoid sexual intercourse?
That said, if you suffer from high-risk pregnancy you should avoid having sexual intercourse. We recommend staying away from sex altogether to be safe in the below circumstances:
If your doctor or midwife has told you to avoid sexual intercourse;
• If your pregnancy has been termed a high risk pregnancy by professionals;
• If your cervix suffers from complications;
• If you have previously experienced miscarriage(s); and
• If you are in the final stages of your pregnancy.

Sex positions to try
In terms of positions, all positions that do not exert pressure on the belly are safe. What is good is pretty subjective. Experiment with your partner to find the positions that suit both of you. From the second trimester onwards, only engage in positions that keep weight and pressure off your belly. You also need to avoid positions that keep you lying down on your back for too long. The below are some safe positions that we suggest you try. Please obtain advice from your doctor if you have any doubt on which position to try.

• Spooning – where your partner enters from behind. This position is perfect if your cervix is sensitive due to the pregnancy. Both you and your partners also do not have to work as hard!

• Cowgirl – where you are on top of your partner. This allows you to be in charge of the sexual intercourse. Beware if you are in the later stages of your pregnancy though because you might experience difficulties moving around in this position.

• Missionary – where your partner is on top of you. This position is perfectly safe so long your partner keeps his weight of you and your belly.

Remember to always seek advice from medical professionals if you have any doubts. Good luck and have fun!

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