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Should Baby Boys Be Circumcised?

Circumcision involves surgically removing the foreskin that covers the head of the baby’s penis. In most cases, it is performed within a few days after the birth of the baby boy.

Benefits of early circumcision
Early circumcision in baby boy has known benefits. These benefits may include:
• There is reduced risk of the baby developing urinary tract infection (UTI), the risk of which is higher in infancy than in later years. Also with uncircumcised boys, there is 10% chance of the baby developing UTI which can be painful at such a young age. The younger the infant, more chances of severe UTI resulting in sepsis and death at times.
• There is a reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases with circumcised men.
• Immediate circumcision also prevents the risk of the baby boy facing inflammatory skin conditions such as balanitis, posthitis and balanoposthitis. These conditions cause the inflammation of the glans and foreskin which can be painful for babies.
• Neonatal circumcision also prevents penile cancer, which is a rare disease, but circumcised boys have little to no chances of developing it in later years.
• Lastly, it helps to keep the penis clean.

It is a minor surgery so the risk associated with circumcision is low. There are a few problems that may be the consequence of circumcision irrespective to when you get it done.
• Pain associated with surgical procedure.
• Chances of bleeding and infection at the site of surgery.
• There is a risk of injury to the penis.
• It may result to Meatitis, inflammation of the opening of the penis.

This is still a hot topic of debate when to perform the surgical procedure; at birth or a little later. However, if you opt for circumcision, it is advisable to consider the risks and benefits whether to have the procedure done early or later in childhood.

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