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Signs of Crawling

As a parent, you are probably anxious about watching your child grow from one phase to another. Most parents are particularly excited when their babies start crawling. It’s indeed a milestone for your once immobile little one to start getting around. There are many different methods of crawling, none of which is right or wrong. Some children crawl by moving one arm and opposite leg together, while others crawl by dragging the bottom across the floor or by using their arms to move forward while lying on the tummy.

There is no exact age to start crawling as it varies from child to child but here are some of the signs to watch out for.

1. When your child starts sitting without support.
Sitting without support could be a sign of crawling in babies because it’s also an indication that the core muscles are developing properly for balance and coordination. Babies can only crawl successfully if they find their balance and coordination.

2. When they start spending time on the floor
You can be sure your baby will start to crawl soon if he starts being interested in spending time on the floor instead of laying all day in his swing or bouncing chair. Therefore, it is important for parents and caregivers to always spend time on the floor with their babies, who are most likely to model their movements from. After all, the best way to teach a child is by showing how.

3. When your child becomes interested in objects that are far away.
You can also expect your baby to start crawling the moment he becomes interested in objects that are far away. As such, you need to encourage your baby by keeping all the desirable objects a little bit far from his reach. You will be amazed to see how determined your baby will be to lay his hands on those objects.

4. When your baby starts pushing up.
Tummy time is highly recommended for babies because it goes a long way to strengthen their muscles for crawling. A few minutes of push up a day can be quite effective in developing the neck and chest muscles which are all useful for crawling. Be sure your baby is about to start crawling the moment he starts pushing up effortlessly and voluntarily.

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