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The Benefits of Infant Swimming

Have you heard of infant swimming? Some studies show that bringing your infant to the swimming pool has multiple benefits. Though it might sound scary to many moms and dads, the tremendous reasons make it worth it.

From social development to physical health benefits, here are some of the reasons behind enrolling your child in infant swimming.

Physical Benefits of Infant Swimming

• Swimming at an early stage helps your baby move without assistance before they start crawling and walking. They will be able to explore their balance and coordination, leading to fewer hurdles when they walk.
• The cross-lateral movement during infant swimming helps in hand and eye coordination.
• When babies chase toys in the pool, it improves their fine motor skills.
• Swimming helps in strengthening their body parts, heart, and lungs.
• Their vestibular system is stimulated when they bounce and splash water, which aids in balance.
• Infant swimming helps in the eating and sleeping patterns of the baby.

Social and Intellectual Benefits

• The cross-lateral movements also help build the nerve pathways, which allows the brain to store and retrieve information.
• Baby swimming helps in personal, social, and academic development.
• When babies learn a new skill, they feel more confident. Similar applies to infant swimming, which gives them the confidence to try and learn new skills.
• It strengthens the bond between you and your child when the two of you focus on the water. Holding them close in the water brings about comfort and joy. Your baby feels secure and close to their parent. The water is perfect for connecting with your baby, and it is fun too.

Reduces the Risk of Drowning

Swimming can reduce the risk of drowning in infants, one of the leading causes of death. However, the risk is reduced in infants between the age of 1 and 4. It does not reduce the risk of drowning in children under 1. Early swim lessons are very helpful in preventing that. Even babies can be taught how to float on their backs. Nevertheless, babies under the age of 1 should not swim unsupervised because they will always be at the risk of drowning.

Final Verdict

If parents take all the necessary precautions, swimming is completely safe. Another benefit is that it helps the child bond with their parent. Swimming with your babies will allow you to spend time with them during your hectic schedules and teach them important life skills.

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