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Tips on How to Get Pregnant Fast

Do you want to know how to get pregnant fast? We understand it can quite frustrating to keep trying to conceive and wait endlessly for months without seeing any results. Fret not, here are some proven tips to help you get pregnant fast.


Do a preconception check-up

Before even you try to get pregnant, it is encouraged to do a preconception check-up with the assistance of a doctor. The check-up helps identify potential health conditions that may affect your pregnancy and the health of your baby. You may also speak to your doctor on prenatal vitamins such as folic acid which is essential in the healthy growth and development of your baby.


Understand your menstrual cycle

A good understanding of your menstrual cycle is important so that you are able to determine when is your most fertile period.  A healthy menstrual cycle happens once in every 28 days and on 14th day, an egg will be released from one of the ovaries. It is encouraged to have sex on the same day and even days after your period to encourage fertilization.


Stay in bed right after intercourse

It is recommended that you stay in bed for about 10 to 15 minutes right after intercourse. This allows the sperms to swim in the right direction and have enough time to swim up your cervix, which significantly increases the chances of egg fertilization.


Take a break from stress

Some couples may be stressed out about starting a new family due to factors that pregnancy brings. These may include factors such as financial constraints, taking absence from work, and even caring for baby after birth. In some cases, women suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety and depression which can delay your chances in getting pregnant fast. Thus, it is important that couples look after their mental wellbeing before and after they conceive to ensure the healthy growth and development of baby.


Start on prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins contain essential nutrients such as folic acid which helps promote ovulation, supports the fertilization of the egg, and is very important in the development of the baby. Your doctors might also prescribe other prenatal vitamins or offer recommendations on other over-the-counter options that you could consider.

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