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Types of Food that Affects Male Fertility

When you are planning a baby, you have to be extra careful. Whether you are the mother or the father, you will have to be considerate regarding the diet you are taking and activities you are performing. This article is particularly for the dads who are planning for a baby. Do you want to know what food items can be a no for you?

Let’s find out what food can kill the sperm, and the dad to be should avoid them.

Avoid processed meat
If you are a huge fan of sausage and bologna slices, then you need to be a little more careful. According to most of the studies, the processed meat is not good for the sperm and will definitely affect the process. Therefore, if you are seriously planning to become a parent very soon, you should avoid processed meat.

Dairy products are a big no
If you are someone who intakes dairy products in a large amount, then you might be a little bit on edge. You must make sure that you are avoiding dairy products that contain high fat. You should try to reduce the number of dairy products.

Soy products
The products that are based on soy might not be as great as you think for the father to be. It is better not to stop it completely but to avoid it. You must make sure that you are taking proper nutrition and you are keeping in mind what is worth having.

Avoid sugar-based drinks
Coke and other soft drinks that contain a massive amount of sugar in them might not be as good for the father to be as you think. It can decrease the sperm count drastically and can affect the process immensely. Therefore, for all the dads to be who are trying should avoid drinks that contain massive amount of sugar, especially soft drinks. Caffeinated drinks are also a big no. Even though caffeinated drinks do not contain high quantity of sugar but the high amount of caffeine can decrease the sperm count as well.

Junk food
Even if you cannot cut down junk food completely, it is better to avoid it and reduce it. Try to have healthy food and especially organic food that can increase the sperm count and which can help speed up the process. And for that, the junk food is a big No. If you have junk food everyday, it will affect and also decrease the sperm count, and it will also result in making you a lot more lethargic and slower.

For all the aspiring dads to be, it is important that you follow up with a proper diet plan and do not overdo anything. Try to relax and enjoy the period but also try to make sure that you are following a healthy diet and focusing more on what not to intake in an exceedingly high quantity.

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