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Ways To Handle Toddler’s Meltdown

Whether you like it or not, meltdowns, tantrums, as well as temper are an important part of your toddler’s emotional health and overall wellbeing. Even though meltdowns are common and can be avoided sometimes, most parents still have a hard time dealing with them. Well, it is easy to understand the frustration of parents when their toddlers have a meltdown because all parents love to see their kids happy and in good mood. There are many reasons why toddlers often have meltdowns, but that could be a topic of its own. Our focus in this article is rather on ways to handle a toddler’s meltdown.

• Avoid them
The first way to handle your toddler’s tantrum is to first of all try to avoid them. Of course, you can achieve this by giving your toddler full attention. Besides, you can also set out time to play and while at it, let your toddler take the lead in choosing the activity. By sharing such moments with your toddler, you are giving him a better foundation for calming down the next time he gets upset. Besides, you should also complement your toddler for good behaviors no matter how small it seems. By so doing, he will be more likely to do things that will bring about praises. This will also help reduce the moments of disagreement between you both.

• Understand what they want
Also, trying to understand what your toddler wants will go a long way to help handle his meltdown. Recall that even though most toddlers can use words, minor disagreements that may lead to anger are still eminent since they are still learning how to handle their emotions. Therefore kids may get frustrated and start acting up over their inability to do certain things like wearing their shoes. Well, as frustrating as this can be, the best you can do is to understand what he wants. Most toddlers will be able to say at least one word that summarizes their problem. It is therefore your duty to pay attention and understand what he wants so that you can act accordingly.

• Big hug
Moreover, you will be surprised that giving a big hug to your toddler will reverse his mood totally. A big hug from mommy or daddy, could turn a loud cry to a broad smile or even laughter. Remember that hugs make kids feel secure, and equally assures them that you care about them, even when you do not agree with their behavior. Well, a firm hug will definitely do the trick, but while at it, it’s better not to say a word because it could instead stir more anger in your toddler.

• Some space
You can as well handle a meltdown by just giving your child some space. The truth is that sometimes, kids just need to let their anger out, so do not stand on their way. However, you should be vigilant enough to ensure that there is nothing around that could hurt your child. Giving children space will teach them a practical lesson on how to vent in a non-destructive way.

Above all, you can contain your toddler’s meltdown by suggesting food or a little rest and recreation (R&R). After all, most tantrums are caused by hunger, fatigue or boredom. Therefore, be ready to feed him, give him water, put him to sleep or make him watch his favorite program. By doing so, your kid will definitely overcome the bad mood.

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