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About Menstruation


Week 1 (First Day Of Period)

During the first week of the menstrual cycle, there is an increased build-up of hormones by the hypothalamus which controls the hormonal release of the pituitary gland. The levels of FSH or follicle stimulating hormone increases during the first week of the menstrual cycle leading to increased development of follicles within the ovary.

About your body
During the first few days of the first week of the menstrual cycle, essential hormones like testosterone and estrogen are present in low levels while with few passing days, the levels of testosterone increase leading to increased sex drive. You feel cramps and stomach ache during the first week of the menstrual cycle. You’ll experience sore breasts with some tenderness and bloating during the first week. The low levels of estrogen during the first week result in headaches making you feel tired and nauseated. You might experience mood swings during the first few days of the menstrual cycle.

Chances of getting pregnant
There is a chance of conception if the egg matures dominantly during the first week of the menstrual cycle under the influence of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). If you are having sex after the first week of the menstrual cycle, there are high chances that you can conceive. The ovulation phase is usually 14 days from the beginning of the menstrual cycle but the sperms can survive within the uterine cavity for about 5 days. Avoid using lubricant if you plan to conceive as it may alter the pH of the vagina leading to resistance in the movement of the sperm towards the uterine cavity.

Tips about increasing the chance of conceiving
• Start consuming healthier foods including fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Even if you are not pregnant yet, avoid the consumption of alcohol, excess caffeine, trans fats and carbohydrates. Also avoid smoking and exposing yourself to environmental pollutants which might affect the health of your baby if you eventually conceive.
• Start performing exercises. Exercise and being active can boost your fertility. Women who do regular, moderate exercise get pregnant quicker than women who don’t exercise regularly. A healthy lifestyle before pregnancy helps in keeping your baby stay healthy.
• Have enough sleep in order to conceive during the first few weeks of your menstrual cycle.
• Track your menstrual cycle from day 1 if you are planning to conceive as the first day of your menstrual cycle serves as a guide in determining the exact weeks of your pregnancy journey.
• Start the consumption of prenatal vitamins along with the folic acid supplements if you are planning to conceive.
• If you are not mentally prepared for conceiving a baby, it is better to take precautions while having sex as there are high chances of getting pregnant even on the first day of your menstrual cycle.

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