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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 13

You have probably managed to survive the first trimester of your pregnancy phase with some troublesome experience waiting to enjoy the bundle of surprises coming up at the end of this journey. Pregnancy during the first trimester is definitely a challenging phase bit since you reached the 13th week you have survived successfully until now. You are very busy during this stage with lots of stuff going on over your mind.

The size of the baby 
The size of the baby during 13th-week pregnancy is similar to a peapod. The growth of the baby is constant.

Weight/height of the baby
The baby is around 2.8 inches or 7cms when measured from the head towards the coccyx. The weight of the baby during this stage is around 25g or 0.89 oz.

About your baby
During 13 weeks the baby has complete eyelids in the closed position. The proportion of head to body ratio is altering with head covering the entire 1/3rd length. The tips of the fingers have well-formed finger patterns. The baby is growing rapidly during this stage and starts trying to suck the thumb within the oral cavity. The ankles and the wrists of the baby are well-formed at this stage with eyes moving down to the original position. The reproductive organs of the baby are fully formed, i.e. ovaries in girls and testis in boys. The pronounced swelling located between the legs of the fetus is rapidly growing to form clitoris for the baby girls and penis for the baby boys.

About your body
The uterus of the mom-to-be starts expanding in size filling up the pelvic region. You won’t feel any morning sickness or nausea now during this stage as these symptoms are mostly involved during the first trimester. You can now have your favorite meals and gain some weight. You won’t feel an increased urge to pee frequently as the uterus is growing up within the abdominal cavity instead of putting pressure over the urinary bladder. During the 13th week, many women experience increased libido either due to the increased blood flow or active pregnancy hormones.

Do & Don’ts 
• Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle
• Eat a balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables
• Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water
• Avoid consuming extra calories as 300-350 calories are enough for the growing baby.

• Try involving your partner a lot to get to know you and your upcoming baby. Ask him to come up for the next ultrasound and get a chance to hear the baby’s heartbeat.
• You might feel intimate during the second trimester so get connected with your partner during this phase.
• There is a high risk of getting UTI’s so be cautious about that.
Follow these simple tips and checklist to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

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