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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 15

The time is moving so fast and you have finally reached week 15 of your pregnancy journey. You are done with three and a half months of your pregnancy by the end of this week. You might have not gained much weight during the first trimester but you’ll rapidly gain weight after this week.

The size of the baby 
The size of the baby resembles a navel orange or whole apple at this stage and the baby swims around the belly within the amniotic fluid.

Weight/height of the baby
The weight of the baby at this stage is around 70 grams or 2.5 oz. the height of the baby at this stage is around 10 cms or 4 inches from the head to the bottom.

About your baby
The baby starts moving rapidly at this stage. Some moms might experience those movements. The bones of the fetus have started to ossify during this stage where they absorb enough calcium in order to become stronger and healthier. The baby can now respond to light while the eyes of the baby remain shut. The eyelids will stay close for a while and the facial features of the baby become more defined during this stage. The ears of the baby have reached their proper position while the eyes are also moving from the sides towards the frontal area.

The vital organs of the baby have already formed during this stage. The bones are getting harder at this stage with increased muscle strength. The baby has moveable joints with longer limbs during this stage. The baby can now breathe within the amniotic fluid. The skin of the baby is translucent during this stage with the visibility of blood vessels. The baby is also practicing reflexes like sucking and swallowing. The head of the baby gets proportional to the entire body at this stage. The skin of the baby is covered with hairs called lanugo in order to keep it warm.

About your body
Your body gets bigger with the increased size of the baby. You are done with the first trimester of pregnancy so you won’t probably feel the nasty symptoms at this stage. At this stage, the uterus starts growing upwards. The bump of the mom-to-be starts showing a black line that runs from the belly button towards the pelvis. The symptoms which you might experience during the 15th week include heartburn, stuffy nose, bleeding nose, swollen gums and others varying from one person to another.

Do & Don’ts 
• Get enough calcium in your diet
• Evaluate your weight gain in order to avoid excessive weight gain
• Eat a healthy and balanced diet
• Stay safe by avoiding excessive physical activities
• Visit the dentist in order to take care of the dental health

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