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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 17

Finally you have reached week 17th of your pregnancy journey. You are almost halfway through your journey. Let’s have a look at how your baby and body will be during this stage.

The size of the baby 
The baby starts doubling up in size. The baby appears like an onion at this stage.

Weight/height of the baby
The weight of the baby is around 140 grams or 4.9 oz. while the height of the baby is around 13 cms or 5.1 inches.

About your baby
During this stage, the baby develops subcutaneous fatty tissues which offer thermoregulation in order to enhance the metabolism. The major systems of the baby are in function like circulatory and urinary system. The hair starts developing over eyelashes, head, and eyebrows. They start giving a response to certain sounds. The placenta has also reached the developing stage where it starts offering increased blood supply along with essential nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. The skin remains wrinkled as well as loose at this stage which definitely gets better till the delivery time. The baby resembles the human at this stage while the eyelids remain close with the opening and closing of the mouth during the 17th week. The nails of the baby are also firm at the seventeenth week.

About your body
The belly of the mom-to-be becomes distinct at this stage while the uterus moves towards the abdominal cavity. The appetite of the mother during the 17th week returns back to normal however the hormonal levels are still high. You’ll have a double glow at this stage due to the increased blood supply. You’ll have radiant skin with thick and beautiful hair at this stage because of increased hormonal levels. You’ll notice the increased frequency and enhanced strength of the fetus during this stage.

The most common symptoms which you’ll experience during the 17th week include bleeding nose, headaches, indigestion, swollen gums, constipation, bloating and many others. You might experience lightheadedness since the second trimester has started so be ready to cope up with such situations.

Do & Don’ts 
From this week, you’ll definitely start facing some challenging situations as the baby has gained some weight. You need to follow a balanced and healthy lifestyle during this stage until the end of pregnancy. The recommended foods during this stage include vegetables, fresh fruits, juices instead of excessive carbs or fats and sugary foods. You should drink enough water during pregnancy i.e. around eight to ten glasses in order to avoid dehydration.

Avoid drinking alcohol as it can have adverse effects on the baby’s health. Perform light exercises to stay in shape, have a restful sleep in order to avoid tiredness. Try to stay physically active in order to be prepared for labor.

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