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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 19

Time is going so fast, you have finally reached the stage where the baby no longer looks like a tadpole. Week 19 indicates that you are in the fifth month of pregnancy which means you are almost halfway through the pregnancy journey.

The size of the baby 
At week 19, the size of the baby resembles the mango

Weight/height of the baby
The height of the baby at this week is around 15.3cm or 6 inches while the weight of the baby is around 240 grams or 8.5 oz.

About your baby
The baby has grown a lot during the last few weeks and it has been practicing some important functions and reflexes within the womb. The body of the baby is covered with Vernix Caseosa which is similar to cream cheese and protects the sensitive skin of the baby that might turn dry or hard due to the amniotic fluid. This protective layer sheds off at the time of the delivery. The lungs are forming during this stage. The skin of the baby is protected by Vernix in order to prevent wrinkle formation. At this week, the head of the baby is towards the chest while the legs are placed towards the uterus.

The first hair appears over the head of the baby during this stage. The areas of the brain which are responsible for detecting senses are undergoing rapid development along with the reproductive system. The movements of the baby are now stronger and rapid. The skin of the baby starts being pigmented during this stage.

About your body
You must be excited during this week as you’ll get to know the sex of your baby. Your bump becomes noticeable during this stage because the size of the baby is rapidly growing. You have entered the second trimester which is the safest phase and your own experience the nasty symptoms linked with the first trimester.
The symptoms which you might experience during week 19 include stuffy nose, abdominal cramps, leg cramps, increased appetite, and others.

Do & Don’ts 
• Get enough calcium in your diet along with the folic acid supplements
• Evaluate your weight in order to avoid excessive weight gain
• Eat a healthy and balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables
• Stay safe by avoiding excessive physical activities
• Perform light exercises in order to stay super fit and healthy
• Visit the dentist in order to take care of the dental health

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