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About Menstruation


Week 2

With the start of week 2 of the menstrual cycle, the body starts preparing you for the ovulation stage. The testosterone and estrogen levels are enhanced during this stage. During the follicular phase, the maturation of a single egg takes place among the hundred eggs within the follicles. The maturation process results in triggering the growth of endometrial lining which prepared your body to feed the embryo in the future.

About your body
As the body is moving towards the ovulation stage, the sex drive increases due to the increased levels of testosterone hormone. With the beginning of the second week, you are less sluggish and more energetic as you have passed the first week of your menstrual cycle. The cervical mucus starts changing in the beginning of the second week. It turns into a thin, clear and slippery liquid leading to increased transportation of sperm with longer survival. As soon as you complete the first week of your menstrual cycle, you feel fantastic. You feel confident and excited during the second week without any worries regarding the messy bloody period..

Chances of getting pregnant
There are high chances of conception during the second week of the menstrual cycle as you are reaching the ovulation phase. So if you are trying to conceive, you can have sex without precautions, otherwise, you need to take contraceptives.
• Start consumption of prenatal vitamins if you are planning to conceive.
• It is advised to consume folic acid and Vitamin B12 in order to prevent the birth defects in the newborn child.
• Folic acid supplementation aids in better development of the neural tube leading to the formation of spine and brain.
• Eat healthy foods if you are preparing for pregnancy as it is essential for you and your baby if you are planning to conceive. Eat a combination of fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole grains, dairy products, lean proteins, and others.
• Regular exercise is beneficial. Avoid performing strenuous workouts during the ovulation stage as it might interfere with ovulation.
• Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption as it might result in infertility issues.
• If you have infertility issues, then it’s better to seek help from a healthcare professional.•

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