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Week 23

Week 23 is an exciting week for most ladies out there as the baby bump becomes visible at this stage. This week, the baby starts looking like a human. Week 23 is the time when the baby fees real as the baby looks like a human at this stage.

The size of the baby 
The size of the baby resembles grapefruit during this stage.

Weight/height of the baby
The height of the baby is around 28 cms or 11.3 inches during this stage while the weight of the baby is around 500 grams of 1.1 pounds.

About your baby
The lips and eyes of the baby are in well-defined shape during this stage. The wrinkled skin is filled at this stage due to the deposition of fat and increased weight gain of the baby. The movements of the baby increases during this week as the muscles of the baby are stronger and have improved coordination. The weight of the baby remains steady during this stage. All the essential organs of the baby are formed during this stage. The blood vessels start developing within the lungs in order to allow breathing outside the body if the baby gets delivery prematurely. The skin remains thin and translucent during this stage. The hearing sense of the baby is well-developed as the middle ear gets harden up during this week. During this stage the baby is far away from coming out in this world, the head of the baby is faced upwards towards the diaphragm while the legs point downwards near the uterus.

About your body
Some significant changes occur in the following weeks as the final day of delivery is just 3 months later. However, at this stage, the baby is not ready to enter the world. The head of the baby is close towards the diaphragm while the feet of the baby is near the uterus. You can feel stronger movements of the baby from this week as the baby has increased muscle strength. You’ll notice stretch marks, cramps in legs, swollen ankles or feet, bleeding gums, constipation, difficulty in sleeping, headaches and other symptoms. The fundal height of the belly during this stage is around 21-25 cms.

Do & Don’ts 
The bump of the mom-to-be starts increasing in size, it’s better to follow the basic tips during the second trimester:
• Wear belly bands which support your bulging bump
• Avoid wearing high heels to prevent swelling in feet and cramps in legs
• Try eating smaller and frequent meals to avoid heartburn
• Try to involve your partner in next appointments with doctors

• You can perform prenatal yoga as the belly is increased in size.
• You might feel anxious during this stage so you can join stress relaxation techniques.
• Plan your maternity leave if you are currently working.
• Prepare yourself for labor and delivery.
• Get ready for the baby’s arrival and prepare the nursery room.

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