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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 27

With the beginning of the 27th week, you are about to end up the second trimester with just two weeks remaining to enter the third trimester. It feels like a big milestone for you and the baby. You are about to enter the final stage of pregnancy. Start resting a lot in order to stay super healthy and active.

The size of the baby 
The size of the baby at this stage resembles the cauliflower head.

Weight/height of the baby
The weight of the baby during this stage is around 907 grams or 2 pounds while the height of the baby is around 36.6 cms or 14.4 inches.

About your baby
The rapid development of the baby is taking place during the last few weeks. With the end of week 27, the head of the baby will face downwards due to gravity acting upon it. The eyes of the baby are about to develop during this stage with scheduled sleeping patterns. The brain of the baby continues the development with the response towards different sounds and temperature changes.

About your body
You’ll experience increased appetite with weight gain during week 27. You might experience insomnia and difficulty during sleep at this stage if the baby is more active at night time. The baby hiccups are also experienced during this stage as the baby breathes within the amniotic fluid. You’ll experience heartburn and indigestion so eat lighter and frequent meals to avoid heartburn. Rest is very important during this stage to avoid restlessness. Avoid exposing yourself to an extremely hot temperature. The belly at this week feels stretched and itchy so moisturize it in order to promote elasticity and avoid the formation of stretch marks.

The symptoms that you might experience during week 27 include food cravings, chest pain or shortness of breath, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and difficulty during sleep.

Do & Don’ts 
• Try to purchase the essential baby supplies
• Prepare your hospital bag and buy essential hospital supplies which you might need,
• Avoid skipping meals at this stage and keep yourself hydrated at all times.
• Try learning stuff about newborn babies.
• Indulge in stress relaxation techniques to avoid any stress.
• Maintain a healthy and balanced diet including fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat and others.
• Perform light exercises and yoga to stay healthy and fit. Avoid sports activities and lifting exercises.
• Moisturize your stretch marks to avoid itchy skin or rashes.

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