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About Menstruation


Week 3

Week 3 starts from day 15 and ends on day 22. It starts at the end of the ovulation stage. There is an increase in progesterone levels while there is a massive drop of testosterone and estrogen during the initial half of the third week. The first half of the third week feels like premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

About your body
The symptoms faced during the third week are similar to the premenstrual phase such as fatigue, irritability, mood swings, and others. This PMS period occurs due to the plunging effect of the estrogen. There is a rapid increase of progesterone levels throughout the entire week leading to tiredness, fatigue and making you feel more cautious. It is because of the sedating effect of progesterone that makes you feel sad. The increased levels of progesterone lead to increased craving of your favorite foods which are rich in calories and fats. You feel an increase in your appetite leading to a hungrier feel. If you consume less food during this stage then you’ll definitely end up feeling angry and sad. It is because most of the women are highly sensitive to rapid changes in blood sugar levels. You might feel constipated as increased levels of progesterone within the body leads to slower digestion. It is because if you got pregnant the body needs to store more food in order to provide the developing baby within your womb. The increased levels of progesterone lead to water retention along with bloating. However, if you exercise regularly during this stage then you’ll definitely end up burning 30% extra calories due to the fluctuation of hormonal levels within the body. During the third week, libido drops down due to enhanced progesterone levels.

Chances of getting pregnant
If you are efficient enough you detect the ovulation phase and you perform intercourse during this stage then most probably you’ll conceive. There are 100-300 million sperms within the body awaiting to bind with the healthy ovum in order to result in fertilization.
• Eating healthy foods regularly during this phase makes you feel stable without any mood swings.
• Avoid smoking or alcohol consumption as there are high chances of you being pregnant.
• Consume folic acid and vitamin B12 supplements as the early development of baby need proper nutrition.
• Perform light exercises in order to gain excess weight and stay healthy.
• Indulge yourself in meditation and yoga poses in order to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

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