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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 34

The time flies so fast finally you have completed 34 weeks of pregnancy. The baby can now hear your voice and listen to all your conversations, you might be nervous and excited at this stage. You’re done with 8 months of pregnancy and you are just one month away from delivering the baby.

The size of the baby 
The size of the baby at 34 weeks resembles a butternut squash.

Weight/height of the baby
The weight of the baby during this stage is around 2kgs or 4.7 pounds while the height of the baby is around 45 cms or 17.7 inches.

About your baby
During the last few weeks, the body of the baby starts filling up with rapid deposition of fats which is important for regulation of body temperature. Most of the organs of the baby are now fully developed and matured except for lungs which are still in their developing phase. The facial features of the baby are now well-defined while the growth of the baby still continues. The central nervous system of the baby is now matured. The baby starts taking hiccups during this stage.

About your body
The belly of the mom-to-be continues growing towards the lower pelvic area. The amniotic fluid begins to decrease. You can now feel the increased movements of the baby. Your blood volume starts increasing. You might feel tired and clumsy due to increased weight gain. The belly starts descending applying extra pressure over the lower pelvic area leading to frequent urination.

The symptoms that you might experience during this week include: blurry vision, fatigue, constipation, swollen feet and ankles, abdominal pressure, hemorrhoids, Braxton hick’s contractions along with increased visibility of the stretch marks.

Do & Don’ts 
• Eat frequent and smaller meals to avoid heartburn and indigestion.
• Wear light and comfortable clothes.
• Choose the right pregnancy bras for yourself to avoid discomfort due to the increased size of the breasts.
• Avoid being extremely active as you should be resting during the last few weeks.
• Buy comfortable clothes for your expanding belly.
• Pack your bag for the hospital.
• You might feel clumsy during the last few weeks but it is essential to perform light exercises.
• Consume a balanced diet including fresh fruits and vegetables in order to supply the baby with essential nutrients.
• Complete your nursery preps as you might deliver the baby anytime soon.
• Ask for the maternity leave before leaving the job.

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