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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 35

While you reach week 35, you feel exhausted as the baby bump feels quite heavy making you feel uncomfortable during sleep and while performing other activities. You’ll feel anxious and excited at the same time during this stage. You are in eight months of gestation and you are just one month away from delivering the bundle of joy.

The size of the baby 
The size of the baby at this stage resembles honeydew melon or pineapple.

Weight/height of the baby
The weight of the baby at this stage is around 5.3-5.5 pounds or 2.4-2.5 kgs. The height of the baby at this stage is around 45 cms or 18 inches measuring from the crown to the rump.

About your baby
The baby at this stage feels snug within the uterus because the baby does not have enough space now. The activity of the baby is now sluggish. The baby is almost ready at this stage but still, the baby is in the process of development. The last weeks of the pregnancy journey are essential for the maturation of major organs. The baby starts practicing to suck at this stage as they have to start sucking your breasts once they enter the world. The baby starts lowering down in position in order to prepare for delivery. The kidneys of the baby are fully matured at this stage which produces urine that joins the amniotic fluid. The fatty tissues of the baby are well-developed at this stage which offers thermoregulation to the baby. There is a small amount of fat deposition over the baby’s shoulders that allows easy delivery.

About your body
You’ll feel less pressure on the lungs at this stage as the baby moves downwards and lungs have enough space to expand easily. You feel uncomfortable at this stage as you have gained a lot of weight. The uterus has doubled up in size reaching the ribcage. The symptoms which you’ll experience during this stage include increased vaginal pressure, increased mucus discharge, easy breathing, frequent urination, swollen feet and ankles and Braxton hick’s contractions where you experience false contractions.

Do & Don’ts 
• Try adopting a sleeping posture where you can sleep peacefully.
• Eat a healthy diet with proper intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Drink plenty amount of water to stay hydrated at all times.
• Avoid increased consumption of caffeine.
• Pamper yourself and indulge yourself in my time.
• Check all the final details for the arrival of the baby.
• Learn about labor and practice relaxation and breathing techniques which allows you to perform labor easily.
• Have a look at your birth plan.
• Start preparing meals for consumption after the delivery.

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