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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 36

When you reach week 36, you have officially entered the last phase of your pregnancy journey. You are just one month away from delivering the baby. The baby is almost ready to enter the world, it turns chubby and pink within the belly. They only have a few things remaining in order to finish up with the development.

The size of the baby 
At 36 weeks, the baby resembles the papaya or a bunch of bananas.

Weight/height of the baby
The weight of the baby at this stage is around 2.65-3 kgs i.e. around 5.8 pounds while the height of the baby is around 45-48cms or 18-19 inches. The baby will grow a little bit more till the time of delivery.

About your baby
The baby at 36 weeks is pretty much similar to the time when they’ll be born. The baby starts opening up the eyes at this stage, they can suck the thumb, breath easily and response to different voices. The circulatory system of the baby is completely formed while the immune system is still gearing up. The digestive system of the baby is still not mature enough as the baby did not eat anything during the womb so it will take 1-2 years for the baby. The skull has flexible and soft bones in order to pass easily through the birth canal. The soft hair which covered the baby is nearly gone or will go completely till the time of delivery. The bowel of the baby starts storing the first poo known as Meconium which will pass out after delivery.

About your body
You’ll experience waddle walk at this stage where you try to balance yourself with the big bump. Till week 36 you’ll gain around 20-30 pounds. The caloric count of the pregnant lady increases at this stage. The uterus reaches the ribcage at this stage. At 36 weeks, the head of the baby starts dropping downwards where your bump would be less visible. The symptoms which you’ll experience during the pregnancy stage include increased vaginal pressure, increased mucus discharge, easy breathing, frequent urination, swollen feet and ankles and Braxton hick’s contractions where you experience false contractions.

Do & Don’ts 
• Eat frequent and smaller meals in order to stay active and healthy.
• Sleep well at night to avoid exhaustion and fatigue.
• Choose the perfect pregnancy bras so that you feel comfortable after the delivery.
• Try enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy, stay relaxed and stress-free.
• Perform some light exercises in order to stay active and super healthy.
• Get the baby room ready.
• Practice relaxation and breathing techniques that will help you during labor.
• Prepare your hospital bag.
• Keep your birth plan ready, where you will go, who will you call and what time you’ll need.
• Create all the contacts to whom you can call during an emergency.

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