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About Menstruation


Week 4 (Day 22 to 28)

Once you reach the 4th week of the menstrual cycle, you might turn out positive on your pregnancy test. The egg got fertilized during the last two weeks of your menstrual cycle. There will be many milestones ahead in your pregnancy journey if you have successfully conceived during this menstrual cycle.

About your body
The baby has just implanted itself within the uterine lining. The first sign which you’ll experience during week 4th is the missed period which shows that there is an increased amount of progesterone level. As the baby starts maturing i.e. after 7-10 days of conception, the body produces increased amounts of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone.
At this stage, it is very early to experience some unusual symptoms, but most likely you’ll experience breast tenderness, frequent urination, exhaustion, nausea, aversions or food cravings, a heightened sense of smell or taste and others.

Chances of getting pregnant
You are at the least chances of conceiving a baby as it is the last week of your menstrual cycle. If you are planning to conceive a baby then wait for the second week of the menstrual cycle in order to conceive.

Tips about increasing the chance of conceiving
• Once you turn out to be positive in your pregnancy test, get your first prenatal appointment in order to evaluate the health status of your body and the developing baby.
• Head out to check your HCG levels in order to confirm pregnancy.
• It’s advised to start practicing healthy habits i.e. eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Consume whole foods instead of white carbs and trans fats. Avoid drinking alcohol or consumption of recreational drugs and avoid smoking as it negatively affects the health of the developing baby.
• Start consumption of prenatal vitamins in order to stay healthy and boost up your metabolism for the further phase of your pregnancy period.
• Performing light exercises that ease the unusual symptoms of pregnancy. Daily exercise keeps you and your baby active and super healthy. You can continue doing some yoga poses, acupuncture, having light massages during the entire pregnancy in order to stay stress-free. Avoid performing vigorous exercise which might affect the baby’s health.

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